razer cynosa v2 stuck in demo mode and nothing works to get it out

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by fidllee, Mar 14, 2021.

  1. fidllee

    fidllee New Member

    2 days ago i was playing and my keyboard would just stop working but it would stay on, and my character in game would keep moving/doing whatever key my finger was last on. (ex; turns off while i was pressing A, character keeps moving left). i would fix the problem by unplugging and replugging my keyboard. and as of yesterday when i would connect my keyboard it flashes like the rainbow from left to right and then when i press a key it turns off and has the ripple effect with green but sometimes the effect doesn't go throughout all the keys fully and i was doing the factory reset to fix it but after about 30-40 min it would stop working on me again and when i would disconnect it and reconnect it, the keyboard would go back into demo mode with the flashing rgb and then the green rippling effect when i click a key and if i dont it just turns off, i’ve connected it to a laptop and it shows up on synapse 3.0 but the keyboard still doesnt work and now when i go to do ESC+CAPS+CTRL or SPACE it just doesn't turn on anymore it only works if im not pressing the reset keys
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  2. DaRealAyman

    DaRealAyman New Member

    Thats the exact same problem as me!
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