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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Nikolabree, Apr 23, 2019.

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    Its dead .
    My Razer Electra v2 is not working , first it started periodically going mute but a simple unplug would fix it .
    Then all of a sudden it stopped and re plugging it didnt seem to solve my problem .
    And next thing i know its not working in synapse .
    I can see it if i right click the synapse icon but cannot bass boost or anything its just kinda there ( it dose not give me the option to do so like the arrow is not there )
    The electra v2 would no longer show up in the UI , and i could not play with the settings its there but its not /
    I have re-installed Synapse 20 times , ( clean wipe ) deleted all the files from synapse to no avail .
    The computer picks it up but does not play through the headset .
    The thing lights up and everything just not sound .
    I have not dropped the thing ever or damaged it anyway .
    (unless me unplugging it 4~ ish times counts)
    I bought it a month ago and the return policy was voided .
    So im stuck with a beautiful looking paper weight.
    I talked to razer support so many times and downloaded custom drivers they sent i even tried running it on synapse 3 .
    I think this is a software issue in the headset it self .
    SPECS >
    I5-8400 , Zotac1050ti , Z370 A PRO (msi) , 16GB DDR4 ., WINDOWS 10 , 700W psu .
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