Razer Huntsman Elite (Volume wheel)

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Sesmu, Sep 25, 2020.

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  1. Sesmu

    Sesmu New Member


    I'm having an issue with the volume wheel on the keyboard. I've ignored it for awhile since my previous desk configurations allowed me easy access to the dials on my speakers. However, it's become much more frustrating as time has gone on.

    I've read previous threads which mention a firmware update. I have done this. Tried again recently, and still no new update to apply I've cleaned the contacts for the wrist rest on the keyboard and the wrist rest itself with rubbing alcohol no real change. I did see an improvement when I took the wrist rest off, but it was only marginal.

    I've tested also with Synapse disabled, and running and still same problem, same severity.
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  2. AFallingLeaf42

    AFallingLeaf42 New Member

    Same issue here
  3. azithro

    azithro Member

    Did you connect it to USB 3? its a USB 2 compatible device.
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  4. Sesmu

    Sesmu New Member

    It's a little better but still skips if I move the dial more than 1/3rd of it in one motion
  5. azithro

    azithro Member

    might be dust, drop 2-3 drop of alcohol inside wheel and rotate it ( do it while it is unplugged, plug back again after 1-2 min)
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