Razer Huntsman V2 Analogue vs Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro

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    I am one of the lucky few who has both the Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro and the Razer Huntsman V2 Analogue and the reason why is each one has its pros and cons as below:- N.B. please change the term "wrist wrest" to "palm wrest" which is it commonly known as. As a touch typer your palm should be resting, not your wrist as this creates and angle which may cause RSI issues (Repetitive Strain Injury).

    Huntsman V2 Analogue - Pro's
    1. Optical switches (not mechanical).
    2. Magnetic palm rest with Razer RGB lighting.
    3. Hard wired connection with USB 3.0 hub.
    4. Solid construction - aluminium top shell (virtually no flex)
    5. Razer RGB around keyboard and underneath.

    Huntsman V2 Analogue - Con's
    1. Not wireless and no Bluetooth.
    2. No Razer logo on base of keyboard under space bar due to the connector / flat front for the magnetic palm rest.
    3. Expensive - cost AU$337 from Amazon Australia.
    4. Drains 1000 mA of power.
    5. The media key symbols / logos do not light up. The lighting only lights up around the buttons themselves.

    Blackwidow V3 Pro - Pro's
    1. Wireless / Bluetooth.
    2. Mechanical switches.
    3. Solid construction - aluminium top shell (virtually no flex).
    4. Discovered the rear black shell is partly see through (opaque) which at night allows you to see the RGB colours inside the keyboard.

    Blackwidow V3 Pro - Con's
    1. No LED lighting around the outside of the keyboard or underneath.
    2. The media key symbols / logos do not light up. The lighting only lights up around the buttons themselves.
    3. The palm rest is not magnetic and no Razer RGB lighting and feels a bit cheap and light.
    4. The Razer RGB logo on the base of the keyboard cannot be seen when using the palm rest as it blocks it.
    5. See through (opaque) key switches don't enhance the lighting and the LED's are only mounted on the top of the switches - not around or below.
    6. Drains 2.0 amps of power even without a USB hub and no additional side or palm rest RGB lighting.
    7. Expensive - cost AU$239.20 from Amazon Australia.

    I have both and still can't figure out which one to use and Razer please update your Synapse lighting software to allow the the same RGB lighting as on your packaging permanently.
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