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Razer keyboard and CTRL + SHIFT + A

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Loki4224, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Loki4224

    Loki4224 New Member

    Hello. I noticed that when I press CTRL + SHIFT + A in games, my character will cant move. And this only happens when Razer Synapse is on. If it is turned off, then everything works fine. There are no keyboard shortcuts or macros. What is the problem? Please help.
  2. me too bro you have a blackwidow elite ?
  3. 22592001

    22592001 New Member

    Hi Everyone, I have researched and found a definite solution. It is to do with the Alexa module in the Razer Synapse software.


    1- Open Razer Synapse Application ( I am using Razer synapse 3).

    2- Click on Synapse (Very top row of the application)


    2- Click on Modules (should be the 2nd from the top row of the application)

    3- Under 'Installed modules" you will find the Alexa module

    4 - Hover over Alexa and click on the 'X' top right of the icon, then remove the Alexa module.


    Hope this helps everyone :)

    To test if this works:

    Open this program http://en.key-test.ru/ (shows successful and unsuccessful keystrokes). Hold down ctrl + shift + a . If the keys/multi-keys are functioning correctly they will be highlighted blue, respectively.
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