Razer Kraken Kitty Edition Visualisation RGB Chroma while using on phone?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by autoTeaGreenside187, Mar 28, 2020.

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  1. autoTeaGreenside187

    autoTeaGreenside187 New Member

    I just recently got the Razer Kraken Kitty edition and i'm deeply in love with them.

    I bought an USB to USB-C dongle to use them on my android phone. It works.

    But is it possible to have the Chroma RGB glowing like while using on my computer?

    Like a mix between cosplay mode but also simultaniously listening to music?
    I got to use Cosplay Mode with my Powebank but would like to use it when i'm plugged the headset into my phone, but if i plug it in and listen to music they just glow in razer-green.
    It would be dope if they could glow in any colour (and changing) and strengthen the glow by the beats just like when i'm using them on my computer with the chroma visualizer app.
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  2. RikkuShiraishi

    RikkuShiraishi New Member

    It's actually very easy, I'm thinking in make a new thread about this.

    I have the kraken kitty edition and also connect them to my razer phone 2 with an adapter. What I found is that you can enable cosplay mode and also have the headset working if you press the thx button while connecting them, no matter if it's your pc (in case you don't have synapse running) or phone, that way you can have another lighting effect instead of the static green by default. About the special lighting effects (like the audio reacting mode) those only work with synapse running on PC.
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  3. jenniefurrrr

    jenniefurrrr New Member

    Hi, can I ask if the THX spatial audio indicator light behind the left ear cup turns on even before you installed Synapse?
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