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    Hi this is my first time posting here but I have a question about the Razer Naga X. I bought this mouse a day ago when my Naga Trinity bit the bullet and couldn't click and hold anymore and needed a replacement ASAP, however when I received the mouse I noticed on the bottom it has thicker white pads instead of the slim and smooth black ones that every other mice I have seen or own use. At first I thought they might be something you peel off but they seem to be just the pads you use and when I tried to use them, they have terrible traction and scratched up my mouse pad. They look really out of place on the mouse as well so I'm wondering if this is something that might have just got past QC or something.

    Included below is an image of the Razer Naga X with the white pads, images of the Basilisk and Naga Trinity with the original pads that worked fantastically, and the scratched mouse pad after using the Naga X for only several minutes.

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    Try to pry on the feet corners, and let them stick to the mouse.
    IMO these white PTFE feets are better, than the black ones. Also if you're using cloth pad, they'll polish over time, so they'll gain better movement, less friction.
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