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Razer Nari - THX Spatial Audio Playback Device or Razer Nari Game Device

Discussion in 'Audio' started by KotuOzan, Apr 21, 2020.

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  1. KotuOzan

    KotuOzan New Member

    Hey guys,

    I just bought Razer Nari and i wonder which playback device should i use ? I see 2 playback device options in Windows sound settings. First one is Razer Nari - Game device and the second one is THX - Spatial Audio. Razer manual which is come from box says set default Razer Nari device, but in synapse 3 ''set thx-spatial audio'' for the best surround experience ?

    Also muffled sound problem still continue ? Especially when you change eq settings ?

    Thank you.
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  2. aomtte

    aomtte New Member


    As far as I can tell, I think you should never bind process to the "THX - Spatial Audio", as it is the merge of the two virtual devices "Razer Nari - Chat" and "Razer Nari - Game". There is two virtual device so you can use the left scroll whell, to adjust the percentage of each.

    Left scroll whell adjust like this :
    - At 0% mean you will hear "Razer Nari - Chat" at 0% and "Razer Nari - Game" at 100%
    - At 25% mean you will hear "Razer Nari - Chat" at 50% and "Razer Nari - Game" at 100%
    - At 50% mean you will hear "Razer Nari - Chat" at 100% and "Razer Nari - Game" at 100%
    - At 75% mean you will hear "Razer Nari - Chat" at 100% and "Razer Nari - Game" at 50%
    - At 100% mean you will hear "Razer Nari - Chat" at 100% and "Razer Nari - Game" at 0%

    I wish this answer can help you.
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  3. KotuOzan

    KotuOzan New Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    So you don't suggest using THX - Spatial Audio. What are the possible disadvantages it ? When i use it, sound is more louder than Razer Nari - Game device. Also if its not good, why synapse suggest to use it as a default device ?

    I'm not really knowledgeable about this so im sorry if i ask a dumb questions :)
  4. aomtte

    aomtte New Member


    I suggest using the "THX - Spatial Audio" as default sound output, but I don't suggest chosing it in program, you have to use either "Razer Nari - Chat" or "Razer Nari - Game".

    Synapse will take all sound from "Razer Nari - Chat" and "Razer Nari - Game", enhance them with your profil options, merge them and output it in "THX - Spatial Audio".
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  5. KotuOzan

    KotuOzan New Member

    I got it. Thank you for your help man.
  6. frontMagentaPink107

    frontMagentaPink107 New Member

    When "thx - spatial Audio" in Synapse is "set as default" , my windows sound device changes from "Razer Nari ultimate - game" to "thx spatial synapse" So i am confused.
    ? when windows sound device is set to "Razer Nari ultimate - game" is spatial Audio not active even though it is checked in Synapse (but not set as default)?
  7. KungFuGrip

    KungFuGrip New Member

    I had no idea that's how that worked. Thanks for the info.
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