Razer Nari Ultimate : Avnera AV6301

Discussion in 'Audio' started by LeeroyRz, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. LeeroyRz

    LeeroyRz New Member


    I have a problem with my "Nari Ultimate"
    When I connect to a PC or PS4 the Wireless USB transceiver, regularly it is not recognized, and takes the name "Avnera AV6301"

    What can we do to this please
    Am I the only one ? o_O
  2. Syllwen

    Syllwen New Member

    I have a same problem.
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  3. ArcadeGamer101

    ArcadeGamer101 New Member

    I have the same issue it never works GRRR
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  4. Gafiltha

    Gafiltha New Member

    i swear this Ultimate is the ultimate headache for many of us it seems
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  5. Syllwen

    Syllwen New Member

    True af. :D
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  6. Orange_Chicken

    Orange_Chicken New Member

    I have the same problems one year after using it ;'(
  7. I got this problem too, it worked fine the first 6 month's.
    After that the usb transceiver started to decay slowly. (within 2 months)

    It happend to disconnect for a few seconds so now and than, occurring more frequent every time it disconnected
    until it turned into its finale form : Avnera AV6301

    One thing i noticed was that my UI (user interface) started to lag/freeze during the connect/disconnect stage,
    this all happend just before the usb transceiver turned to Anvera for good.

    I thought to buy a new usb transceiver from the RazerCareStore.
    So i used the link on the support page and all i get is : 404 Error - Page not found
    The complete Nari line is gone away on the RazerCareStore,
    it made me a bit worried xD

    My warranty will cover the problem for now but if Avnera will strike again,
    it might be out of warranty when that happens and there will be no RazerCareStore to help me out.

    uggh its a headache indeed
  8. Syllwen

    Syllwen New Member

    This was exactly my first thought.
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  9. zeus_rz

    zeus_rz New Member

    j'ai exactement le meme probleme
  10. fastNewCarbay874

    fastNewCarbay874 New Member

    I just had the headset for 2month and have the same issue
    Why don't they tell us the the solution I'm pissed
  11. NK.33

    NK.33 Active Member

    This is messed up....had this headset a few months...it was working on my pc upstairs....brought the dongle and plugged it in downstairs for some late night gaming it recognised it.....but after I rebooted now I have this problem.....they have to come up with a solution soon surely....otherwise this is RMA
  12. Syllwen

    Syllwen New Member

    I already sent it back and got the headset price back but didn't buy it again. I'm afraid this error will happen again when it is no longer under warranty.
  13. Burkules12

    Burkules12 New Member

    Just happened to me any body find a solution yet?
  14. NK.33

    NK.33 Active Member

    The solutionis to return the product to whoever you bought it from. I got mine working again a couple of times but then next time it would go back to this crap

    I didnt even go to Razer as I knew it would take months. I went straight to Amazon and got full refund... even after 8 months.

    Used the money to buy HyperX Cloud Flight S....best decision i ever made... outstanding headphones, battery lasts so long its unbelievable, 7.1 surround, chat/game balance.... detachable mic... everything i need
  15. NK.33

    NK.33 Active Member

    p.s. i heard the new razer black sharks are good if you wanna stick to razer lol
  16. fastNewCarbay874

    fastNewCarbay874 New Member

    I'm out of razer area zone so I can't return the product even after talking with them buti fixed the prablom and this probably will fix all nari ultimate averna av 601 thing just give me couple of days and I will post how I fixed it
  17. Burkules12

    Burkules12 New Member

    Bro what? why a couple of days? Im in pain now and you are holding the key?
  18. fastNewCarbay874

    fastNewCarbay874 New Member

    Omg that's totch my heart
    So iwill show what I exactly did but you need to do this probably and I'm sure it's not safe even me didn't want to do that but I did it anyway
    So iwill make a post right now and send the link wait for it 10 min
  19. fastNewCarbay874

    fastNewCarbay874 New Member

  20. NK.33

    NK.33 Active Member

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