Razer Nari Ultimate Stopped Working

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by JonyDarte, Dec 28, 2021.

  1. JonyDarte

    JonyDarte New Member

    Hello, I have owned my Razer Nari Ultimate for a few months now and everything has worked as intented, however a day ago the headset got disconnected to the USB and then the USB stopped being recognized by the computer.

    I have tried all the ports in my pc aswell as ports in another pc with the same results, almost never gets detected and when it does after a few seconds/minutes (It depends) the pc stops recognizing it.

    I have updated Synapse and tried restarting my pc multiple times.

    I would really aprecciate if someone could help me.
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  2. 321300

    321300 New Member

  3. JARV91

    JARV91 New Member

    Same issue here. Sometimes the dongle is recognized but the connection goes crazy and connects and disconnects connects and disconnects over and over again
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