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Razer Phone 2 APN Settings Erased

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by sightRosePinkdirect618, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. Earlier today I factory reset my Razer Phone 2 after having an issue with Google Play Store not working properly for me. Upon completing the setup of my phone I noticed that I was able to use text messaging, make phone calls and the wi-fi worked, but if I was just using my mobile data, the Internet / Games did not work.

    After checking things out while on the phone with my current service carrier, we noticed that the APN settings of my phone had gotten changed / half deleted.

    Only one item is now listed under APN settings, and it's not the right one. Further more, I'm not able to edit the current APN item or add new ones. Yes, the + icon is in the top right corner of the menu, in Settings / Networks / Mobile / Access Point Names. Clicking the + does no good as the phone does not allow me to SAVE anything new I try to input. Reason being? The phone doesn't allow me to edit the name field of the new APN and without a name, you can't save.

    So, please help?

    I know the APN information, to fill it in myself, as given to me by my service carrier, if that helps.


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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    Some carriers allow to send APN configuration via SMS/MMS, so when you open the message you'll have ability to import the settings, without manually typing it.
  3. Update.

    Decided to buy a Bring Your Own Phone Straight talk kit at WalMart last night. Registering the new SIM, pushed the APNs to my phone.

    Seemed problem was solved.

    This morning now, I have intermittent service. Upon a restart of the phone, I'll have service for about 3-5 minutes before the phone mysteriously drops the DATA connect as well as erasing the APNs, until a phone restart, repeat, repeat,..
  4. What fantastic customer service by this company. Nearly a month now, with no response. Fantastic.
  5. Razer abandonded support for the razer phones long ago.
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