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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Rox598, Oct 14, 2019.

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  1. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Hey everyone!

    The MR2 Android Pie update is now rolling out to Global RP2 devices!

    This update provides various bug fixes and security updates up until September!

    Thank you all for sticking with us while this update was being done and if you have any issues please let me know and i'll help as much as possible.

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  2. Reaver

    Reaver Active Member

    Excellent news. I can only hope that Razer wouldn't stop with this update.
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  3. RazTaz

    RazTaz New Member

    are there any new bluetooth codecs added?
  4. GingeR-NutZ

    GingeR-NutZ New Member

    My device struggled to install this OTA, after downloading and trying to install, device suggests i contact support for Debug info.

    Anyone else had issues?

    I've gonna try uninstalling Googles camera app to see if that corrects issue before contact support.


    Second attempt worked.
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  5. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    Thank you Razer.

    Make Updates Great Again. Attach64397_20191014_113740.gif
  6. YuumeiRei

    YuumeiRei New Member

    Is there a full list of changes and issues that were addressed?
  7. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

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  8. I installed the update. I now how a screen that says "preparing for setup" and at the bottom it says waiting for wifi. Pressed the back button selected my wireless(that the phone was already using for web and email)and it connected and automatically advanced to the screen I described above. I am on a 25gb internet connection and this app is the only thing having an issue. Rebooted several times and its still there, waiting.....all other features and functions are still working
  9. YuumeiRei

    YuumeiRei New Member

    I saw that. I meant more detailed descriptions of issues, something like "Fixed camera app Portrait mode crash that required phone reboot" and stuff like that.
  10. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Most of the time just general fixes will be noted instead of exact details.

    I do believe this does fix that issue however as the camera has not crashed for me.
  11. YuumeiRei

    YuumeiRei New Member

    I believe so, mine haven't crashed so far as well :)

    I was just curious about what other "big" issues might have been fixed, but it's alright, thanks for replying :)
  12. The.Walkin

    The.Walkin New Member

    This update also appears to have fixed the major issue of chromium browsers freezing when a video is playing in them, whether it be YouTube or some auto play advertisment. This would freeze in Chrome and Brave browsers, which then required a hard restart of the phone. So far I've not experienced this issue once after the update.
  13. FiendRiver666

    FiendRiver666 Active Member

    Wondering if this update fixed the major speaker issue with the popping and malfunction during phone rings and alarms. We will see shortly, I guess.

    Still no ARcore support which is really a shame since the phone should be fully capable of handling it.
  14. davidlesterbaron

    davidlesterbaron New Member

    Good news
  15. magkain

    magkain New Member

    After this update my rp2 started to get hairline distortions on the screen after a phone call and display turns black. The phone is still on, it vibrates with led still on and everything (although phone seems to recognize the display as turned off since the led blinks instead of staying on as it should with medium razer chroma effect on) then i have to restart phone to recovery mode for display to turn back on. Then same problem happens for couple of more time as i try the antutu bench lcd test, then suddenly it comes back to normal...

    I attach the picture of the phone right before the display goes black and not responding

    I got the phone on oct. first this year, didn't experience this issue until today after this update plz help

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  16. Hello, since the update my RP2 has been acting up. Worst action are random shut downs. Twice since update. Once in the car and once listening to a podcast.

    Other odd behavior is switching music to pause with no action on my part and no notification coming in to the phone.

    Help! No crashes before update.

    Phone doesn't restart, goes to shutdown screen.
  17. BPMOmega

    BPMOmega Member

    I think that may be more on Google's side than Razer's, since it seems like they have a specific list of supported devices.

    They have a thread for requesting device support, but... I have no idea if any devices have been added thanks to that. I, as well as a couple of other users, requested for Razer Phone 2 support... but nothing.

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  18. cubeover

    cubeover New Member

    None. I am crying out loud (COL).
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  19. JakeShayler

    JakeShayler New Member

    My RP2 can't find this update, my last update was in February, how long till I can update?
  20. JakeShayler

    JakeShayler New Member


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