Razer Phone is dope but nope. (BIG Problems) (I pray for help)

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by GlennTheMaster, May 11, 2019.


What do I do?

  1. Wait till August for a new phone (my phone subscription allows it)

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  2. Fly to Razer HQ (to complain)

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  3. Yeet it out the window

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  4. Keep on fighting the support with my unstoppable onslaught of emails and live chats

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  5. Give up.

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  1. GlennTheMaster

    GlennTheMaster New Member

    (I'm Swedish so excuse me for my bad English) sorry for ranting so much ,_,
    So I got this Razer Phone 2017, December.
    It's a really dope phone like it's incomparable to the iPhone.

    Here's the main issue and why I'm posting this thread (first time)
    - I've been in contact with support countless times and it's always the same.
    Telling me it's defective and it needs to be sent to their warehouse for closer inspection.

    But every time it ends at

    "the EU warranty team will look over the case and send you an email about it and then you'll receive a slip so you can send back the phone to get a new one."
    (should take up to a maximum of 5 days or something is what they told me)


    But I never receive it, never, I've waited weeks yet nothing happens so ofc I go back to live chat and ask about it and the exact process repeats
    "Oh, you're right, We're sorry, you'll get it this time, I promise" And yet I never get sh%t. (sorry)

    Like I explained it last time to this girl working there and all she did was look at the case and ask for confirmation of the information and that she'll resend it. LIKE THANKS A LOT, I'm still waiting ._.

    All this began 2019-03-20, 52 days ago.

    So yeah I'm pretty frustrated now that my phone won't even charge anymore (yeah it's dead now), the store I bought it from says to contact the same support I've been in contact with before and yeah life's a mess.

    The touch doesn't even work properly, the lower part of my screen is a complete mess I can't touch it. It doesn't respond. And if I try the phone spazzes out and starts flicking from side to side and tapping everywhere. (this is from when I could charge the phone)

    I'm for example typing something and the phone spazzes out and starts typing everything in the middle to lower section of the screen keyboard.

    And NO I haven't damaged it for this to happen. There's no damage on the phone.
    (This was also confirmed by the support team) since I provided photos.

    I haven't dropped it once!
    I'm so careful with my phones, I've dropped a cellphone like twice in my lifetime. I'm extremely careful with them.
    And I always use a protective case. When the cases on the Razer store sold out, I bought one from Germany, before even using it outside. Since I didn't want to risk damaging it. And even then I don't risk my phone getting damaged. Going to bicycle a bit? Well, I don't trust my pockets unless they got a secure zip.

    I'm feeling like this rant is a bit useless so here's my question.

    What do I do?

    edit: Yes I've done everything to fix it, restarted it in all ways possible. I've tried endless of supposable "solutions"

    This is what happens to my phone:
    Just put it on 2 times the speed and you'll get what my phone does (When it had energy)

    At the time posting this my phone stopped wanting to charge btw.

    Just adding some extra details why I'm triggered:
    I'm gonna type in my pin code to open my phone, okay simple.
    I type in # - # - # - 9 and that fracking 9 is exactly by the enter button you know? ^ look at the video and you'll get it. So I press 9 and it either presses both or just enter. I only got 3 tries. This is so nerve racking like my life's on the line.
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  2. Razer.RedPanda

    Razer.RedPanda Guardian of the Forest

    Hi there! Lemme look into this. Can you PM me the case number? Make sure to include the link to this thread as a reference. I'll assist you from there.
  3. GlennTheMaster

    GlennTheMaster New Member

    Well, I did respond in the live chat with this guy "John Paul" and he said it would work.
    If possible could you precisely explain what I need to do to proceed? Like what to include and where to send the email for the RMA request to continue.
  4. Razer.RedPanda

    Razer.RedPanda Guardian of the Forest

    Thanks for the reply. The support staff will email you a form to fill out once the device has been determined as defective. Just reply to the email and it should be alright. You can also PM me the case number. I can take a look at your case and help you out.
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