Razer Phone wont switch on

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by wildsville, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. codybur

    codybur New Member

    Holding the Power and the Volume+ worked. Do we still not know what causes this issue? Can someone at Razer give us some information on when this will be fixed?
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  2. Casperuk

    Casperuk New Member

    I've got 2 of these .and only 1 of them is getting this random crashing and then not turning back on without having to press vol up and power .

    It was just on charging and when it was checked it was "dead" and the notification light was a solid yellow.

    Would be nice to know what's doing it
  3. technoPrunealley129

    technoPrunealley129 New Member

    You just saved my day. Thank you.
  4. Julian_28

    Julian_28 New Member

    My phone died earlier today and whenever I plug it into any USB-C cords it starts up the rebooting process but then proceeds to show a full white battery and then goes back to a black screen. If i unplug it it just shows the full battery and then shuts off. My phone is around 10 months old with a couple drops but nothing too big. I've tried the volume up trick but still no luck.
  5. White_King

    White_King New Member

    I did a factory reset at the end, you just have to have the USB plugged to a computer (charging as far as I remember) and press volume up and power to wake the phone in the "weird developer mode" and then just reset.
  6. Bruce_wayne8887

    Bruce_wayne8887 New Member

    did you try what others did? Volume + button and power at same time?
  7. I your RAZER Phone ever shuts down on you out of nowhere like it did to me, just hold on the power button 10 to 20 secs 'til you see the Boot animation. Simple as that. I did not try the power and volume + button combination but it might work aswell.
  8. TitusRaven

    TitusRaven New Member

    this worked for me
  9. YouStar

    YouStar New Member

    t stings your ass if your phone does not turn on and in addition it cost you 500 €
  10. Ministery

    Ministery New Member

    thanks man that worked
  11. Arccai

    Arccai New Member

    Thank you, worked for me aswell. I got all cold, wtf happen now etc.
    But it worked out, ty again
  12. Weirdo4Life

    Weirdo4Life New Member

    I did that then it works but I turn it off and it won't work then I do that again and that still happends. PLS tell me a fix i even tried factory reset.
  13. Vortex649

    Vortex649 New Member

    I had a similar issue but tried the pushing the volume DOWN button, and the power button at the same time, and it turned back on thank goodness!
  14. Capritalkeasy911

    Capritalkeasy911 New Member

    I have had almost every issue I have seen in this thread with my stock razer phone. I can't tell you how disappointed I am. When I contacted support they told me to system restore the phone which I'm going to try.

    HAMMERRRED New Member

    i can by trying the power and -volume,but i cant use the recovery mode,if i select it, it goes black then, back to the boot screen again

    help pls tyvm
  16. Blacqrain

    Blacqrain New Member

    Razer Phone 2 user here..my phone was sleeping few minutes ago when i tried to wake it up but unable to..at first i thought my battery went flat but i double checked my wall socket and the switch was on as i had left my phone to charge few hours ago plus also the chroma was pulsing green..so here i am with another phone trying to get answers from all that have shared these troubleshooting methods..i tried the holding the power and volume up buttons method but didn't work however right after that i tried the holding the power button for 10 to 20 seconds method and it worked..my phone screen lighted up at exactly 10 seconds..still not sure what happened though but it's fine now..hope this helps and thanks guys for sharing :) :)
  17. So mines doing the same since I bought it a week ago, but I'm having to do this reset 3-5 times per DAY. Has anyone got a clue as to what is causing this?
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