Razer Raiju Ultimate right stick issue

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by dailyheavenChartreuse354, Feb 3, 2019.

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  1. I’ve had the razer raiju ultimate controller for like a month. And the issue is in the right stick. The charecter camera often turns right by itself. Can you guys please help?
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  2. SongJiHyoZ

    SongJiHyoZ New Member

    This is a drifting issue which is common for most users having this unlucky controller

    You can use this link https://insider.razer.com/index.php...-raiju-ultimate-and-tournament-edition.46534/ to download v1.03 if you haven't done it yet..

    This fixes maybe... 40% of the drifting issue.
    But take note in my case my left stick is still drifting lol...

    At least it was better when i got it out of the box at v1.001
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  3. Thanks man
  4. MrBunny420

    MrBunny420 New Member

    V1.03 seemed to fix this exact problem for me, but it didn’t: It just seem to make it happen less frequently. The controller is till unusable.
  5. carPinkLacethink775

    carPinkLacethink775 New Member

    Sadly 1.03 will not fix the drift issue
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  6. leetSalmonTOPAZ479

    leetSalmonTOPAZ479 New Member

    Same problem to me... tecnical service of razer just told me to return my controller to Amazon... really thats solve the problem Razer???
  7. SongJiHyoZ

    SongJiHyoZ New Member

    To address the issue here even though its 2 months ago..

    My solution is to : highly recommend all users who have bought all raiju related items to request for a refund of the controller while you still can.

    I believe getting back your money ( which is way better) and getting other products is a wiser decision.
    For those who are already out of warranty, please do not give up and still continue to ask for refund or exchange of other items if possible.
    If not, my condolences that you can only hold it out until they can fix it with software.. (Which I think is impossible...)

    Until now the drifting issue is still not fixed despite the ridiculous price tag.

    I'd recommend users to try out the Astro C40 TR controller that just came out a few days ago from this post or wait for the Nacon Gaming Revolution Unlimited which is coming out real soon.

    Over these 2 I'd pick the Nacon as it has a larger frame with more customization options such as the weights and adjustment of the sticks to a certain degree. But that's just my opinion.

    OF COURSE with all that said, I still want to hold out awhile longer for other reviewers to check out if THERE IS ANY DRIFTING ISSUES like "ahem". To be honest i really wished that they could recall all the controllers of the raiju series back... Seriously this drifting issue needs to be eliminated if not it is even worse than a PS4 controller
  8. leetSalmonTOPAZ479

    leetSalmonTOPAZ479 New Member

    Finally I return my controller to Amazon... the Technical service of Razer is disappointing, they know about all the controllers issue and they act as if there’s a solution when in reality they only make waste your time.

    I agree about getting another controller, the problem of the new Nacon Ultimate is that the Joysticks configuration is like Xbox controller and for me is much better the DualShock setup.... So I will give an opportunity to the C40 Astro, it have good reviews!!
  9. MrBunny420

    MrBunny420 New Member

    I've been using the C40 for 2 weeks, and it is excellent. I really wanted the Raiju to work for me, but it was virtually unusable.
  10. leetSalmonTOPAZ479

    leetSalmonTOPAZ479 New Member

    I really wanted too :slightly_sad: but how you say is unusable... tell me more about se C40, do you think is better than the Raiju (1st gen)??
  11. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    One question about the C40, people are saying the sticks are loose compared to the other controllers, how is their overall feel?
  12. MrBunny420

    MrBunny420 New Member

    The C40 is really nice. It feels really solid (the Raiju TE felt solid also, it just didn't work). The sticks don't seem any looser to me and I haven't played with their sensitivy settings yet. The C40 is much better than my old SCUFs. If the Raiju had worked for me, I don't know if would have tried the C40, but now that I have, I am really happy with it. Razer really blew it with the Raiju.
  13. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    I have already contacted the store where i got my Raiju Ultimate and they are going to send it back to the reseller, ask them to fully fund it back and will order the C40 for me, the only problem is that im in Europe and Astro doesnt have a release date for the C40 yet. So im gonna do exactly what u did, get a refund, buy the C40.
  14. SongJiHyoZ

    SongJiHyoZ New Member

    Its been a month since i checked on this place.
    I'm glad that most of you guys opt out of this ridiculous controller for other options.

    Coming from Singapore side, the situation now is that the Astro C40 is not available in my country.
    However, there are shipments of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited coming in.
    As of 17-May-2019, 3:05pm, I officially decided to get it and trust that there wasn't any stick drift issues.

    Out of the box, the software has no issues for me! Literally ZERO stick drift issues!
    I am guessing it is due to the fact that it has a proprietary transmitter that has to be connected to be PS4 for a seamless wireless connection. To users that needs the USB ports, I suggest that you get some USB ports. (For me I have nothing plugged in)
    Even the latest firmware update i did has no issues as well (V1.4.7)

    Grip and feel of the controller is insanely good.
    Build quality wise i felt that Razer Rajiu Ultimate wins it with solid build quality and no "loose" part noises.
    Nacon on the other hand has a slight loose Touchpad but its just a teeny weeny thing to highlight it out ( I mean I am paying $249 SGD and it is an imported set to Singapore with only 7 days of local warranty)

    Nacon wins on the physical customisability of have weights and Joystick adjustments. However the joysticks and D pad are not modular like the Astro C40.

    Software wise the Nacon is pretty standard so far. I have not changed any settings but based on the software tweaks adjustments to sensitivity levels are all in place there for anyone who wishes to tweak it to the best of their personal choice.
    I on the other hand having suffered from Razer Raiju Ultimate's stick drift issue just prays that there no such issue in the controller.

    Dislikes of the Nacon controller so far currently is that it can't wake up the PS4 by pressing the PS button. (Razer's one can so yea...)

    So in conclusion, the Nacon is totally worth it! In exchange for the stock controller for the Nacon controller, the feel is just excellent and comfortable for long hours of use.

    A couple of notes on Astro C40:
    I myself have googled about the Astro as well before the Nacon came out.
    All i did was googled Astro C40 stick drift and there is already a couple of issues right away. Which steered me to choose Nacon (even though i can ship the Astro to Singapore)


    To the rest who got the Astro which no issues I would say that's lucky for you! But for a couple of users who got this kind of issue, it shows that there is truly some quality control issues inside Astro.... so those who still wanna get the Astro, I suggest you'd hold out awhile longer to see if there is any fix. ;)
  15. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    In 2 of the 3 reddit posts, the problem was solved and the other guy didnt reply back when he was told there was an update for Mac so i assume he updated the controller etc and it got solved. Here's the thing, im checking reddit everyday for the C40, there were a couple occasions were they needed to return the whole controller, that can happen. Thats natural, whats not natural is what happened for our Raiju controllers. For all the problems till now that i have encountered, most of the time the users didnt recalibrate so most of the time thats the solution but even when thats the problem in 7 to 8 out of 10 posts, still there have started to appear MANY posts lately about the sticks breaking down. Again almost in all of these posts, Astro sent the users new sticks and the problem was solved. A few tho had to replace their controller. So apart from a couple posts, all the others were either solved with recalibration or replacing the sticks.

    I dont think its a huge problem that the sticks break down because they can be replaced, so thats something, also i expect them later on to create better sticks, with more durability and everyone is asking for sticks with bigger tension. So its a work in progress. Also due to Sony licensing issues i think the controller is gonna stall for quite some time till it reaches Europe so lets hope till that point the problems would have vanished OR another elite controller, maybe cheaper, will have appeared.

    As for Nacon try this: , i had both Nacon Rev Pro v1 and v2 and they both did terribly with this certain test, i dont think they are quite as accurate as the DS4, even tho both are possibly the best elite controllers for Europe right now.
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