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Discussion in 'Systems' started by 2ez4Bm8, Mar 9, 2020.

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  1. 2ez4Bm8

    2ez4Bm8 New Member

    When will the Razer Raptor be available outside the NA region? I am in Asia and Oceania, I want this monitor to complete my Razer gaming set up but it's a pretty problematic thing to ship a monitor from NA to Australia or Asia.
  2. M-S-G

    M-S-G Well-Known Member

    Wann er kommt weiss keiner. Jedoch können wir hier in der EU sicher mit 1000-1500 Euro rechnen und mehr. Dafür bekomme ich 3 Acer oder MSI Bildschirme. Ich hoffe, Razer wird den Preis hier deutlich runter fahren müssen, wenn er den kommt. Ich schätze ab April oder Mai wird der auch ausserhalb der USA verkauft. 700 Euro wäre schon zu viel.

    Nobody knows when he's coming. But here in the EU we can certainly expect 1000-1500 Euro and more. 700 euros would already be too much. For this I get 3 Acer or MSI screens. I hope that Razer will have to lower the price here considerably when he comes. I guess from April or May it will be sold outside the USA as well.
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  3. 2ez4Bm8

    2ez4Bm8 New Member

    any mod or admin can answer this?
  4. Acrtic-SnowWoLF

    Acrtic-SnowWoLF New Member

    Any new news on availability of Raptor 27 in NA region?
  5. 2ez4Bm8

    2ez4Bm8 New Member

    let's bump this thread up, so they notice about it.
  6. Acrtic-SnowWoLF

    Acrtic-SnowWoLF New Member

    I contacted Razer support tons of times but they won't share anything regarding availibility. Razer UK has it in stock but not here in NA region.
  7. cmb93x

    cmb93x New Member

    Been hunting for one in the US for a week now and I've had no luck. Time to look at other options such as the LG unfortunately.
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