Razer Sieren V2 driver is not installed in PC

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Rocketred, May 26, 2022.

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  1. Rocketred

    Rocketred New Member

    I just plugged all my Razer items in PC (Kraken Headphone, Huntsman Keyboard, Deathadder Mouse, Base Station V2, Sieren Microphone).
    Everthing got installed EXCEPT for the Microphone. my question is how to manually install the microphone. i tried looking for the driver in Razer Synapse but microphone is not listed in the detected devices.
    how to install or make the microphone works. i tried putting the mic on my other pc and it worked which meant the microphone works it just need a driver to work on the other pc
  2. Razer.Zionzedd

    Razer.Zionzedd Yes, My lord? Staff Member

    Try to check in the device manager for any driver errors or use a different USB port for the mic. Check in the sound settings, and output tab for disabled devices. For further isolation, give these steps a shot. If you have questions, feel free to check our self-help page or PM me anytime if you need further assistance.

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