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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by headPeachOrangeRUBY052, Jul 8, 2019.

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  1. Why do you force us to use software that is not fit for purpose to use your products? Every single time I am to do something with Synapse 3 there is some stupid stuff that makes it take ten times longer than it should.

    PLEASE, either let us run OpenSource software or get your darn Synapse to a proper state. I could not care less about the 4 different Lightning addons you offer when the main app is broken.

    Using Synapse w/h internet for a while? Enjoy having your profiles wiped when you log in again as they are replaced by cloud stored ones - WITH NO OPTION TO KEEP THE ONES YOU HAD.
    Recording a Macro? Then your device is using a default profile w/h saying anything about it. Don't even get me started about trying to insert additional commands in macros, that flag barely shows up 10% of the time..

    Why can't I do my configuration in a normal darn text file? I feel anxiety every time I am forced to interact with Synapse, you never know when it will break your entire configuration. There isn't even a reliable way to backup your stuff, BECAUSE IT CAN BE REPLACED WITH A CLOUD SAVE W/H ASKING YOU.

    This is how you destroy good hardware, by having horrid software.
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  2. daekss

    daekss New Member

    I love Razer, i have razer equipments since 2010. I work with development and i never seem anything professional so badly broken like Synapse. I NEVER had anything that worked well with synapse since forever. It's kind funny. I really dont know how they can do such bad work with a software. Sorry Razer i love you, but the true must be said.
  3. ZxJeremy

    ZxJeremy Active Member

    thats why its called synapse BETA. but i agreed with you 1million percent.
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  4. Flaxbitwire463

    Flaxbitwire463 New Member

    Yeah same... My different profiles are not able to be saved on my device, and also after a reboot of my PC the software just stops working. I mean I cant even switch profiles manually because the software just crashes and so my lighting profile is complete trash, cause either the lighting effect gets stuck at one point or it just cycles without me wanting it to. I also just wanna point out, there are not updates to when the official Verison will be released, its just a beta and you dont know when it will stop... I am really happy with their hardware products, but I cant really enjoy my keyboard as much if I cant have proper lighting, because I mean, lets be real, we all want rgb on our keyboard and mice, but if we cant get that properly then I mean, whats the point...
    If anyone got some updates when the software will get released please let me know!
  5. SharpSpringFrost

    SharpSpringFrost New Member

    Same here. Synapse 3 is causing my blackwidow elite to crash when editing macros. It only happens when macros with many actions (more than 20% of the on-board memory) are stored on the keyboard.
    At this price point I can't believe I'm beta testing for razer.
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