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Razer surround sound using too much cpu when playing games

Discussion in 'Audio' started by 066010, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. 066010

    066010 New Member

    Hey guys. I have noticed issue with my surround sound on Razer Kraken 2019. Whenever I play for instance csgo or dead by daylight with razer surround sound on, it makes Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation (audiodg.exe) use around 30% of my cpu, when not playing games it uses around 20% of cpu ..I know it might not be much for some people but for me its alot because my pc is old potato and I need every bit of cpu in order to keep playable FPS.(with surround sound my fps on csgo is around 30-40, with surround sound off its above 80-100). Can anyone help me with it ?
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