Razer Synapse 2 - Chroma Configurator - Limitations against previous Version!

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by NeoGriever, Jan 2, 2020.


Do you like the "new" chroma configurator?

  1. Yes. Its perfect.

  2. Don't know. I do not use it.

  3. No. There's to much limitations.

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  1. NeoGriever

    NeoGriever New Member

    I wonder, why nobody see this Differences between the last Chroma Configurator and the current Chroma Configurator.

    At first: I use a Razer BlackWidow X Chroma, wich is not supported by Synapse 3. So i can't use it.

    What i loved until update:
    - Transparent color selection in Chroma Configurator to blend multiple layers throught each
    - Different special color effects "planned" on a plane, where your devices are placed on and react/affected on the effect-plane.
    - Manual parameter configuration was possible.

    In the new version of this chroma configurator, this features are removed completely. If you put a static color on your keyboard and after this a starlight will remove the whole static color, if layered above the static color. and vise versa. This is, because there's no transparent color available anymore. Only one single effect is able to blend throught previous layers.

    Even a few effects are removed. Where's the "wheel"-effect? Wich you was able to place anywhere on a plane, where the wheel-effect affects every selected element placed on this plane ... Even this plane-method is removed too.

    Why nobody recognized this (heavy) limitations? I loved the possibilities on my keyboard. but EVERYTHING of this is removed already.

    @DevTeam ... please put back that old chroma configurator. leave this possibilitie to get it back. I want it back! Really. Was more useful than the current version! MUCH MORE USEFUL! ...

    PS: Sorry for my bad english.
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  2. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Huh. That's the way that Starlight has ALWAYS worked for me. If it was on top of another layer, it would cancel everything out. I thought that maybe Starlight had an "off" built into every key except those randomly lit, so that's why everything would go black.
  3. NeoGriever

    NeoGriever New Member

    No. Just missing the "transparent" color. Everything other is black instead in the "new" version. ... Even you was able to put transparency into rainbow layer too, to blend it ... but now its impossible.
  4. NeoGriever

    NeoGriever New Member


    There you can see (red arrows), theres 2 points i missing in the newer version. wheel-feature and transparency (as you see at the right)

    Both missing in the newer version. even the possibility to define a "center" point of the wheel-feature.
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