Razer Synapse 3 has tons of key input lag from my Razer Naga Chroma

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by CollegeWiFi, Dec 7, 2019.

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    Specifically from my tilt press on my scroll wheel, I bought a Nari headset and transitioned to synapse 3 because I cannot run both, if I could run synapse 2.0 for my Naga, and 3.0 for Nari, I am sure my problem would be fixed.

    I have my melee keybind (usually "v") bound to all keys on the scroll wheel except scroll up and down, and with synapse 2.0 this was perfect. but since transitioning to 3 I have had a lot of problems. first the it wasn't registering that the keybind had changed, it would still do the double scroll up/down and when I would press the key in a text box it wouldn't type. Previously in 2.0 it would type "v". I tried multiple ways to fix it, registering it as an alphanumeric key press and as a text function.I thought I had resolved the input lag issue by deleting the old profile and making a new one, and for about 30 mins it worked.
    I tried just binding it to the num pad on the side of the mouse but the numbers didn't rebind.

    tabbing out for a while seems to make it better, but I don't know why

    another major issue I had was the lift-off range for the sensor was permanently set to 10 which was an issue for me, to fix it I had to make a custom profile because even though I use a Razer mat it still had the crazy lift off range, and any time I restart synapse I have to make a new mat profile because it goes back to a lift off range of 10.
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