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Razer synapsis 2 not working!!

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by OPALHarlequinbyte110, Jul 29, 2020.

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  1. I have installed razer Synapsis 2 but but when i open the app its just showing the page where i can register my page i am not getting the interface where i can change my headphones equalizer settings
  2. Here is a screenshot of the screen

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  3. I have tryed everything, uninstall all razer files and programs, restarted pc, reinstalled, several times, still same fucking problem!!!
    Its been already 2 months and i dont see even any answer!?
    WHAT THE FUCK, you can not update your website and put there latest version of that stupid shit software???
  4. I opened a report with the support and after having exchanged several emails I am told that the product is out of warranty. Product purchased 04/17/2018 after upgrading to windows 10 2004 sound problems occurred when activating 3D audio. I removed drivers, uninstalled synapse, and reinstalled everything. New problem. The synapse panel does not allow you to enter the device configuration. The support repeated to me that the product is defective and I cannot replace it ... I won't add anything else.
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