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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer.WolfPack, Nov 3, 2017.

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  1. carsonmd

    carsonmd New Member

    Bought one on 5/28/18 and my d-pad is getting stuck. It occurs randomly. Will occur in game and while using thumb pad for other things (like scrolling on a browser). I have the 4 directions bound to movement in game so it gets stuck on "forward" most often, but I can occur while moving other directions. Only way to stop it is to tap the pad in the same direction. Counter intuitive because if you press the opposite direction on the pad it doesn't stop movement.

    Have a RMA # from Razer to exchange it, but has this been corrected?
  2. Signet145

    Signet145 New Member

    Ya, that is my thread, and unfortunately...this has now started happening again tonight (7/12/18) on my third device. The forward (right) d-pad button is now sticking...same failure as my previous two that I documented in that thread.

    I'll be reaching back out to Razer Support for the 3rd time...but it's clear this is a systemic quality issue with the switches they are using...

    *edit - grammar/type-o's*
  3. carsonmd

    carsonmd New Member

    Mine was replaced and is doing the same thing as the first one. Doesn't seem to be as often right now. Coming from a g13, I like everything about the Tv2 except the d-pad problem. Will just deal with it now and if it gets worse then who knows.
  4. I still have a Nostromo and love it. The only thing that would make me trade it in would be a gamepad with an analog stick instead of d-pad.
  5. krais2020

    krais2020 New Member

    The issue is bad switches in the dpad. Whatever switch you use the most will break eventually. My second one just broke Lst night and its the forward button which I use the most. $80 for no mechanical keys the least they could do is actually use a decent switch.

    At this point I am ready to move on from it unless they fix the switch issue because if you game a lot it will break quick. In 7 months I have had 2 break one after a month when I was gaming heavy and the second that just broke was after very, very light use as I was busy with RL stuff all summer. Also takes forever for them to RMA.

    On both of mine you could actually lightly shake and hear the loose parts inside the switch making noise. This is 100% a quality control issue.
  6. MaXKiLLz

    MaXKiLLz New Member

    Forget the Tartarus v2. It's a failure in every possible sense of the word. If you don't already own a Nostromo, go find one on eBay.
  7. t00lbawx

    t00lbawx New Member

    Any chance of a left handed version?
  8. RocketSkates93

    RocketSkates93 Well-Known Member

    A new version of the Tartarus is great and all, but I would really love to see a new version of the Orbweaver since it's a true mechanical keypad and appears to be more premium than the Tartarus. I would pay good money for a Synapse 3 compatible Orbweaver.
  9. zion563

    zion563 New Member

    You will be very sorry if you pay good money for any keypad that requires Synapse 3 to work-cuz it won't very well. Go into Synapse 3 forums and read 8 months worth of bugs -still beta and I MEAN BETA.
  10. Aezar

    Aezar New Member

    I just upgraded from the Tartarus Chroma to the TARTARUS v2 which uses Synapse 3. How can I import my *.razersynapse files into the Synapse 3?
  11. TsarSergey

    TsarSergey New Member

    None of our wallets are safe as long as there releasing such bad ass looking tech.
  12. itsze0t

    itsze0t New Member

    is this the Belkin Nostromo? I can't imagine people are referring to the razer Nostromo but maybe it was when razer was quality?
  13. itsze0t

    itsze0t New Member

    If the switches are constantly breaking, why not just replace the switches when you purchase the tartarus V2?
    is this unreasonable? I'm a noob sorry xD
  14. Signet145

    Signet145 New Member

    I've actually looked into this, but the best option I've found to buy them is in bulk packaging of like some ludicrous number of them and effectively $6,000. If you check my first post on the topic, I have a link to the actual micro-switch being used and its manufacturer. If anyone actually finds a way to purchase these in a reasonable amount, I would do so in a heartbeat!

    Edit: adding link to my post that I mentioned w/link to switches:
  15. Wrekh

    Wrekh New Member

    I had the same issue with the d-pad switches failing after 2 weeks of using it for WoW... Fortunately Amazon agreed to give me a full refund.
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