Razer Viper Profile and Hypershift on PS4

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#Razer Viper Profile and Hypershift on PS4

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  1. Razer Viper Profile

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  2. Hypershift on PS4

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  3. When Hypershift wakes up on Playstation 4?

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  1. Milksourcefirst949

    Milksourcefirst949 New Member

    Good day! I have a question about buying a Razer Viper mouse. Going to the Razer website in the section about support for the razer viper, I read that it does not have built-in memory. "Does the Razer Viper have Onboard Memory?" No, the Razer Viper has no onboard memory. However, it has built-in DPI storage (up to 5 DPI stops). " But after reading the basic manual about the mouse, the profile descriptions say that: The Mouse Tab is the main tab of the Razer Viper. From here you can change settings such as button assignments, DPI sensitivity and lighting. The changes made on this tab are is automatically saved in your system and in the cloud storage, but you need to click the Save button { 111) to restore the onboard memory slots of the Razer device, then drag the profiles you want to keep. Profile A profile is a repository for storing all the settings for your Razer peripheral. Default profile the name is based on the name of your system. To add, rename, duplicate or delete a profile, simply click the "Miscellaneous" button (•••). Saved profiles The Razer Viper can store up to 5 profiles from Razer Synapse 3 that you can even use on systems. On which Razer Synapse 3 is not installed. Pressing the profile button will toggle different profiles, with the color of the profile indicator showing which profile is currently selected. So tell me, please, where the exact information is written and the profiles will still work on PC and Playstation 4 without Razer Synapse 3. And another question is whether the mouse will work on the Playstation 4, if then how does hyperShift wake up to function? On PS4 Razer Basilisk, hypershift did not work. Maybe that has changed since I was using Basilisk.

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  2. Milksourcefirst949

    Milksourcefirst949 New Member

    And the question for Viper users are saved is there a memory or is there no viper? To save profiles with macros as a Basilisk.
  3. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Viper has one onboard profile. While configuring - be sure, that your binds / macros will be stored on the internal memory - because not all binds / functions can be stored, and they'll require Synapse to be opened (which is impossible on PS4).
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  4. Milksourcefirst949

    Milksourcefirst949 New Member

    Thank you for your reply!) Do you know when the Hypershift function will be released on PlayStation or Xbox? Why am I interested, because not one manufacturer of mice does not have such a function, and as for me it is even interesting from the experience of the razer Basilisk.
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