Razer Why!!? macro "can't" support the most common shortcut like "Win+Tab" for Razer Basilisk??!

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by vacaraz21, Jan 9, 2019.

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  1. vacaraz21

    vacaraz21 New Member

    Hello to Razer software engineers: I really want to say that I am frightened by Synapse 2 and 3's macro function today (both tried)! Change my mind if I am wrong.
    (PS post this on Reddit /r/Razer but no reply from Razer!!! )

    Here is how I don't do gaming so often so mostly I prefer to use the 4th button for productivity and convenience.

    However this is how the nightmare begins: Taiwan's customer support advised me if I want to assign "win+tab" to btn 4, I better use macro because it's soooo powerful..but I found it bullshit after waste 40+min to try it out! Customer support also tells me that he was not able to make it happen with Syn2 but ok with Syn3 with some trick on mamba.

    The problem: When I recorded "win+tab", Synapse will record 4 keystrokes:

    [win pressed]-[tab pressed] and -[win released]-[tab released]

    and then here comes the really stupid thing!

    I need to delete [win released]-[tab released] in order to make the shortcut work, but Synapse just won't fucking let me, it removes the key "in pair"...this is the stupidest thing that I have ever experienced in my life!!

    So as a consequence, that so-called super powerful macro of Synapse can only be used as sequential keys???? absolutely stupid!

    Please advise if I have false blame the Synapse.
  2. vacaraz21

    vacaraz21 New Member

  3. hypov8

    hypov8 New Member

    thankfully the UI supports custom macro imports.
    your not the first person to ask about this and not receive a reply

    you can do somehting like this

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