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Razer Wolverine Ultimate - Party Chat Buzzing!!?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by PullmanGreenurbanzone997, Jun 27, 2019.


Anyone else getting this problem?

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  1. Guys, my team mates have complained about a loud buzzing from my £200 Wireless headset at first I was wounded that my headset was broke, but when I switched up to a normal wireless Xbox one controller the buzzing was gone. I have 5 controllers, I tested them all, the headphones are MINT.

    The Wolverine has a buzzing, when I looked into it I'm not the only one, there are tonnes of people on here who have experienced this. It must be from the USB charging port?! It's the only explanation.

    Is there a firmware update or new cable that can resolve this, I can't believe my £150 controller is this defective... specifically bought this controller to compete in eGames and I can't even practice and it's so loud my team mates make me mute myself when we practice!!?!?!


    Your loyal Subservient and cult member!

    John a.k.a. Lightfoot.
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