Razor Blade 15 Periodical Black Screen

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by mprantl, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. ThomasHedegaard

    ThomasHedegaard New Member

    Version 1809 - so we can safely confirm that it's not fixed by using either of those two version, based on the respone from @SJerc as well.
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  2. _crashbandicoot

    _crashbandicoot New Member

    Glad for the update, sad 1809 isn't ironclad :,).

    After shutting down overnight and working all morning, I got my first occurrence of the day when I disconnected from power, closed the lid (putting it to sleep) to change locations. It was in 'sleep' for maybe 20 minutes. Less than 3 minutes after opening the lid to get back to work, I got slapped with the black screen.

    big sigh yo, big sigh...
  3. SJerc

    SJerc New Member

    I've been pretty lucky today. I did a proper shutdown last night, powered it up and closed the lid over night. Today, it hasn't blanked on me yet with long and short usages throughout the day with it sleeping in between. Are you undervolted? Today, I made sure I'm not undervolted and not have Intel XTU running in the background as I can't recall it I was undervolted before when it was blanking. I know Razer does undervolt it out of the box at -100mV for the CPU. Also, did you disable Windows from auto updating hardware drivers? I caught it updating over my Intel 630 driver and I rolled it back before shutting down the system. Finally what are your power plan settings today in both Windows and Synapse?

    My current version list is:
    Windows 1903 (build 18362.356)
    Intel Graphics Command Center 1.100.1725.0
    Intel UHD 630 (8/23/2019)
    Nvidia Control Panel 8.1.955.0
    Nvidia GeForce Experience
    Nvidia (9/5/2019)
    Synapse 3.4.901.82102 (set to Balanced Performance Mode, Windows set to Better Battery)
  4. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Thanks for sharing. I've replied to your PM. Let's continue from there.
  5. Rgtai

    Rgtai New Member

    I've just recently purchased a Razer Blade 15" 2019 RTX 2080. I decided to give Razer another chance after my Blade 14 logic board bricked itself after only two years and they wanted to charge me basically the cost of a new computer to repair it since it was off warranty. The black screen seems to begin when I have had the computer plugged in and I unplug it before waking it from sleep or vice versa (plug it in while asleep). This has occurred during games and just regular web-browsing. Doing a hard restart seems to fix the issue and it does happen the majority of the time on battery power. Needless to say for the highest end gaming of the 15" series its beyond disappointing.
  6. ASlavBakedPotato

    ASlavBakedPotato New Member

    Has anyone found a fix to the black screen? Its been going on for a while it at first only occurred when my settings were on best performance but now it also happens on better battery. I've updated drivers and all that but my rtx 2070 maxq 240hz version still black screens. I've noticed that it usually happens when I watch youtube at 240hz at high quality settings.
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  7. ThomasHedegaard

    ThomasHedegaard New Member

    Thanks @Razer.Speedcr0ss - but can you please also give an overall update in this public conversation so that people know the current status of this issue? It would be nice to know whether Razer has any clue on what's going on, or whether they still don't know anything. Any kind of update would be nice. Thanks. Cc @_crashbandicoot @SJerc
  8. Rgtai

    Rgtai New Member

    Update this morning. It's been 36 hours and I have not heard from @Razer.Speedcr0ss yet. Additional update, I was just watching a video and my screen cut out again. Sound and video was still playing in the background for another couple minutes until I decided to power down and reboot. I'm assuming this means this is a GPU issue. Would appreciate a reply to my PM.
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  9. SJerc

    SJerc New Member

    My Razer has been behaving really well since Monday with no single occurrence of the screen blanking issue. I'm not exactly sure what was the fix as my focus has been to compare the XPS 15 7590 to this mid-2019 Razer Advanced. Originally, I had the issue of the screen blanking out and could not get the screen back until I forced a sleep and woke it back up. After playing around with drivers, it progressed into a quick blanking state that would recover by itself, very much like blinking your eyes. I'm not 100% positive, but I believe things were fixed after running into an issue when trying to get MSI's Afterburner working so I could get the graphic overlay working during video gaming for some performance stats while comparing the Razer and XPS. For the Razer, I got a complaint that the overlay will not work due to missing Direct X runtimes, so I installed the package at https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=8109, which fixed the overlay issue and may have had a hand in fixing the screen blanking issues. As for the clean installation of drivers, I had worked on Intel first, followed by Nvidia. For the Intel driver, I had downloaded the driver listed in the mid-2019 Blade 15 Advanced support page then used Window's Device Manager to uninstall the Intel 630 driver, but after each uninstall, I would reboot my laptop. I did it repeatedly until I was left with a Windows Generic Display driver which again, I uninstalled in Device Manager as well as uninstalled the Intel Graphics Control Panel. Afterwards, I ran the setup of what I had downloaded from the Razer support page and used the Windows Microsoft Store app to search/install the Intel Graphics Control Panel. For the Nvidia driver, I downloaded the Nvidia 431.65 driver mentioned in the Support Forum of this website and used the same method I used in uninstalling each Intel driver version. After I was sure each version was uninstalled, I proceeded to Windows Settings -> Apps to uninstall anything related to Nvidia before running the setup for the downloaded Nvidia driver from Razer. Somewhere along the lines, it has fixed the issue for me as far as I can tell. Also for both Windows and Nvidia, I had disabled the automatic update of drivers. With Windows, I've been keeping Windows up to date and Razer's Synapse up to date. Since my post from Mon, I've noticed both Windows and Synapse having recent updates.
  10. jamesfox27

    jamesfox27 New Member

    +1 With this issue. Just purchased my Advanced in Aug 2019 and am getting the BSOD more and more frequently. Today I updated the BIOS firmware to 1.04. Hopefully... this will solve the issue. I'll check in within the week and let y'all know whats up.

  11. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    I replied to your PM. Let's continue from there.
  12. AmericanBAMBAM

    AmericanBAMBAM New Member


    I purchased the Razer 15 (advanced) on 9/11/19 and I'm experiencing the same issue as everyone else on here. This is extremely frustrating as these systems cost at least $3,000. I've tried everything in this thread and I'm seem to have the issue (every) time I unlock the computer from being asleep. I have all the updated drivers. Is there a solution yet?
  13. xHuMiLiAtoRz

    xHuMiLiAtoRz New Member

    Like many of you I also am suffering from the black screen issue on my Mid 2019 2080 max-q blade that I just brought in early September. In my personal experience, I only ever experience this issue if I let my laptop sleep in any form, whether it is closing the lid, letting my laptop going to sleep, or using the sleep button. Only shutting down and then restarting the laptop temporarily prevents this issue until I let it go to sleep again. My only way around this was to set power options to never let my laptop go to sleep and having to shut down my laptop whenever I take my laptop anywhere. But it still sucks that I cannot ever use such a basic function on a laptop otherwise I get the black screen issue every other minute after letting my laptop going to sleep. I did contact Razer support to get a case going but their last response was on September 21st. Hopefully there a fix soon for all of us soon.
  14. Rgtai

    Rgtai New Member

    I was wondering if anybody exchanged their laptop and still had the issue persist? I did a full recovery, clean install of drivers last night. I also noticed that my wifi was cutting out sporadically prior to this. Both the screen and wifi issues continued until I put my power setting on "Best performance." After that connection was solid and screen didn't go black for the rest of the night. Going to test tonight to see if I can replicate with certainty. If it is a software issue I would not want to exchange because the hardware is otherwise excellent and I'd prefer not to lose my laptop again after just purchasing it.
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  15. jamesfox27

    jamesfox27 New Member

    Well, same thing. Better Performance worked all night last night. Then today coming home after work, BSOD every 30 seconds.


    Now I've got to return this hunk of crap. Fun times.
  16. jamesfox27

    jamesfox27 New Member

    While I'm waiting for my replacement, run the Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel App. Under the refresh rate, switch from 240 to 60 Hz. I know it's not the cream of the crop but so far no black screens popping up.

    Please let me know if anyone else has tried this with success. Then we can narrow the issue down.
  17. I bought my Mercury White blade 15, full HD, RTX 2070 in July of this year. I expected to be using it for gaming but turns out it has more been a $3000 web browser for school. I was working in Chrome yesterday and the display just went black. I started a support ticket through the chat on my phone, I don't have an external monitor to use for testing. It's very unsettling to see so many people having an issue with this system having the display go black. I'm incredibly frustrated!! I need to continue my open case but it's looking like there isn't a resolution at this time. Has anyone been through a repair/replacement/refund process due to this issue? For a two month old laptop I should not having to be dealing with this.
  18. Pretty pissed there isn't a customer support number where I can actually talk to someone instead of having to do a chat support session or email.
  19. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hey there! I replied to your PM. Let's continue from there.

    Hi everyone! If you want to talk to our Support Team, please click this link and change the preferred country at the top-right corner of the page.
  20. ThomasHedegaard

    ThomasHedegaard New Member

    @Razer.Speedcr0ss do you have any thoughts on this one?
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