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RP2 fingerprint hardware not detected

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by floweverCyanBlueAzure814, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Same as everyone else with this problem, scanner wasn't working properly at all, then actually the security option disappeared and nothing worked, reboot, hard reboot, safe mode, and factory reset all did not fix it.
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  2. The same for me and unfortunately no one from Razer support is helping on this! :slightly_sad:
  3. MrRaptor63

    MrRaptor63 Member

    3rd party apps using a stored fingerprint can and will break the reader after updates. Generic search it! Its not Razer exclusive or new.
  4. Why would it do that, if I'm using an authentic app like my bank app for example (which was the only 3rd party app in my case)!
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  5. MrRaptor63

    MrRaptor63 Member

    Because security updates of the OS like we just had do not account for poorly developed 3rd party apps. Any app we install we give them various permissions on our devices. Security updates patch exploits that can uses those permissions to gain access to your device.
    If you have only the one app that uses a stored finger print, use the app and see if it restores the FP settings. If not, boot the phone in safe mode(Press the power button - press and hold power-off onscreen button until the safe mode dialogue appears), if the FP settings are there in safe mode then its a 3rd party app affecting the FP.
  6. Radionotme

    Radionotme New Member

    Same here - fingerprint sensor just randomly stopped working, despite having worked fine since I bought it.
    Even went as far as a factory reset today, but still nothing.

    Am I right in thinking at about 18 months, I can claim under warranty under EU law?
  7. Xemos

    Xemos New Member

    Same problem here since yesterday (RP2)
  8. Radionotme

    Radionotme New Member

    So, an update on mine, I reached out on Twitter to Razer Support and they helped me create a ticket.
    Short version of the long story, I sent the phone in for repair, and they've sent me a replacement phone that's working perfectly.

    Initially they said it would cost, but once I reminded them of the 2 year EU warranty, they agreed it was covered.
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