Should i quit razer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 2007021902, Aug 28, 2020.

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  1. 2007021902

    2007021902 New Member

    Im going to make this long story short,

    Around 1.5/2 years ago i bought the razer nari essential, let me tell you it was one hell of a #### road,
    They worked for around 2 months after two months i chose to download razer synapse, suddenly the mic stopped working, with very little times it would work for a couple minutes, so i still used it.
    i got a new pc, and the mic worked! i thought it was a problem with my old pc and not synapse, and downloaded synapse to turn on bass boost, AND now the mic AND right speaker doesn't work.

    in a couple months im going to buy a headset, i searched for really long for a headset non razer ( because im scared of wasting the money) but razer is litterally the only brand that haves what i want for the right price

    any options, i am too young to get a job in my country, so 100$ is alot of money for me

    i dont know what to do, i dont rlly trust razer after the nari
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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Buy Krakens, no problem with them.
  3. Ixith

    Ixith Member

    I assume you've tried playing around with all the various settings and not just been "what it's not working why?!" and then given up?

    When I first got my Kraken 7.1 v2 not long maybe a couple weeks to a month into using it I plugged it in and went to play and had a similar issue with one side speaker seeming like it wasn't working. Turns out somewhere in some setting on the PC it got adjusted so that the left speaker was at like 90% volume and the right speaker was suddenly only at like 2%. I think in fact it was when I installed synapse even or maybe it was when I had to do a re-install of synapse for whatever reason it was. Anyways that setting got messed up on me and it was a common enough problem that I found the answer/fix on Google easily enough at the time.

    As for mic not working maybe someone has more insight there. But again if you haven't tried messing with all your settings, and not just your synapse stuff either, then I wouldnt give up hope just yet. Though yes it can be frustrating I know. I personally don't like large headsets so was eager to try the razer ifrit but only had mic problems with that and couldn't get it to work with the USB dongle that came with it only through the audio jack and then I was told it was making 'farting noises' on the other side. When watching a metered audio input display thing I saw it was constantly spiking around as if it was picking up audio even when there was no sound being made. So i switched back to my krakens.
  4. 2007021902

    2007021902 New Member

    thanks for the reply, i did change all settings i have no idea but i think synapse was causing it, it started when synapse was installed i even reinstalled it, it wont let me do a firmware update, i have checked all settings before, i even took contact with support but i was just a little bit over my warranty, so basicly im scared to touch a new razer headset again
  5. 2007021902

    2007021902 New Member

    i wanna share its not soft, its just 0 sound like not even a tiny bi
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