Should Razer switch to/add AMD cpus in future Blades?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Sactons, Jul 3, 2020.


Should razer switch to AMD cpus in future blades? or add a separate line of AMD cpu blades?

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  1. Blade: Switch to AMD completely

  2. Blade: Add new line up of AMD blades/stealth/17

  3. Blade studio: Switch to AMD completely

  4. Blade studio: Add new line up of AMD blades studio

  5. AMD NO!

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  1. Sactons

    Sactons Member

    20200630_192822.jpg 20180406_200806.jpg I have the blade 14 2017, blade 17 2016, and blade stealth 2017. Recently I bought a blade 2019 base model and the improvement I felt is unbelievable. My blade 17 would get so hot I had to put a ice bag on top of the cpu area; my blade 14 still works today only cos I use an egpu with it so it only need to cool the cpu, but if I just used laptop gpu it would get hot and loud, like many other blade 14s that did not survive; the blade stealth had better quality and QC overall.
    And oh boy did razer updated all these laptops. I recommended a friend to get the blade 17 2019, and it doesn't overheat like crazy, has great battery life and the build quality is much better; the blade 15 still has great built quality, the screen is much better, keyboard and trackpads are still top notch, but most importantly I can game heavily on this and not worry about its thermal, max I've seen is around 70-80 degrees, the cooling is fantastic.

    But with all these improvements there is still a big question, Should razer put AMD cpus in future blade laptop? or should they add a new line up of blades that uses AMD? would putting an AMD cpu in a blade significantly improve the performance of a blade?
    Its not as easy as just switch the cpu, they'd have to redesign the motherboard to fit the new cpu, and its most likely not gonna have thunderbolt 3, the cost might also be more than an intel blade cos of the new design and tooling/manufacturing cost. On the performance side of course AMD cpus are crazy now, and it would prob use less power and provide more performance, but for gaming there is not a significant difference. Not to say intel might improve their cpu in the near future too.
    So should they switch to AMD with the studio blades then? that would make sense, but having 4 different lines of blade is not really doable. Blade or blade studio with AMD or INTEL? but then should they add AMD only to the studio line? or add AMD to both regular blade and studio? It's genuinely hard to decide what to add, and if they add AMD would ppl buy them?

    please comment what you think about this and vote on what you want razer to do. Thanks!

    (plz keep with the old keyboard design, everyone is fine with the smaller up and down arrow key, but some ppl use the right shift key. Also I'd like to purchase a 2020 blade stealth to complete my razer laptop collection, can I get a discount or something XD)
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Definitely not intel If they’re still lazy going to smaller chip, 4 years on 14nm meanwhile amd already 7nm translates to hot and power hunger cpu. Apparently they will come back with tiger lake that seemly more powerful than current AMD, congrats AMD you slap intel butt for a good sake.
  3. SITarabuta

    SITarabuta New Member

    They really should. I am waiting to buy a Blade with RTX 3000 and AMD CPUs. Of course, if they don't switch to AMD I will still buy it because I need it, but I heard the battery and performance improvements are huge.
  4. figrin1

    figrin1 Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping that Intel gets it together. I'm an eGPU person so an AMD CPU without Thunderbolt is a no-go for me.
  5. adrinroshan1

    adrinroshan1 New Member

    I must admit. I built a PC early this year and even as a huge intel fan from their prime, I found myself switching to AMD Ryzen. Now, I'm looking to buy the Razer Blade 15 2020 Advanced Model but I'm really reluctant to do so because after hearing all the great news about the AMD 4000 mobile series, I worry that the moment I buy the existing blade 15, Razer would announce their new lineup of AMD blades. Which would put me in an unforgivable state of disappointment. Can someone give me some advice? Shall I wait until the end of the year or should I buy it now?
  6. TheParadyme

    TheParadyme New Member

    While of course it will be your choice, you might need to wait until at least next year until there's a chance that there might be some AMD Blades, so if you already want a really good laptop you could just buy the 2020 Blade now with Intel. Reasoning as follows:

    1. Razer tends to launch their laptops just about once per year, they already refreshed all of their laptops this year
    2. No-one saw that the newest gen of AMD Ryzen 4k series would be not just competitive, but really good for most usage
    3. Razer tends to go for less unique SKUs (so less choice for processor etc.) to avoid having to keep multiple different models in stock
    4. It takes likely close to a year before Razer will have managed to redesign the next gen of Blade to work on AMD, rather than the current Intels as the fact that AMDs are good for overall use (not just budget or extremely multi-threaded tasks) now surprised most manufacturers.
    5. Intel processors are still better in gaming or other single-core tasks due to the higher clockspeeds vs. AMD, even if slightly less efficient

    That's why I wouldn't worry so much right now about whether going for AMD or Intel if the Razer Blade is the model that you want :)
  7. Eh mate,welcome to the bloody club,likewise I so want and need this year's blade 15 advanced model but have this tingling that's telling me no to cause razer might come up with amd cpus and It would turn out to be a remorse if I buy it now,shit's fucking with my head
  8. adrinroshan1

    adrinroshan1 New Member

    I guess it's nice to know that I'm not alone. And to be frank. I decided not to buy this year's model because I truly believe that an AMD variant will come next year. Maybe it's worth waiting.
  9. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    I hope that Razer uses the best CPU when they design the laptops. Remember that these are NOT desktops. Laptops are still pretty much custom designs each time. It would take 6-12 months to design and test a new CPU for a laptop. Sure, you can do it faster, but then it would not be optimized. This year and next year are going to be fun to watch on the CPU and GPU fronts.
  10. andremouss

    andremouss New Member

    The biggest issue with any gaming laptop is heat and intel cpus rarely run under 90°C (for most AAA titles/poorly optimized games). Intel gets the job done, but I hope amd’s new mobile cpu can run cooler. Hopefully razer tries to switch it up for us. I just want to game comfortably without worrying about frames or heat.
  11. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Intel just needs a wake up call. its competitor is stepping up the competition
  12. andremouss

    andremouss New Member

    Doubt they will until they start losing money.
  13. TheParadyme

    TheParadyme New Member

    It's the exact same thing no matter whether they use Intel or AMD, the next gen of laptops will be much faster and better anyway. That's why there's not necessarily much point in waiting, unless you know for sure it's just like 1-2 months until next release.
  14. ProtoXcution

    ProtoXcution New Member

    In my opinion, despite the effort required to redesigning the Razer Blade for AMD chips, I think it would be well worth it. AMD chips have been a better alternative in terms of performance per cost for non-gaming purposes for some time, and now with the new gen AMD chips being able to almost match intel in single core frequencies, and with their new architecture, I think it'd be wise for RAZER to at least add some AMD options to their line-up!
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