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Surround Legacy (Synapse 2) NOT working with Win10 2004

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by MFER212015, Jun 18, 2020.

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  1. iiDeathAdder

    iiDeathAdder New Member

    Maybe you could help me, basically yesterday I configured my left click to change to a Macro. After that, the side of the scroll (when I just held on it) started hitting 16-17 CPS (In Minecraft) and I was really happy. Today I wake up to see that it doesn't work anymore for some reason. I'm really frustrated now. I forgot what I configured my mouse to.
  2. Afrowookie

    Afrowookie New Member

    I'm not happy about paying even $5 for the THX Spatial Audio or any other software to make this headset work the way it's supposed to. To me it's a matter of principle. Back in 2015 I paid good money for this headset, and even then I found it a little weird that I had to register the headset and provide activation code in order to use the software.

    I understand if the product was 10+ years old and you don't support it anymore, but 5 years, come on.

    So for me, principle is very simple, I just won't buy their products again.

    I have already purchased a Steelseries headset. It'll be my first from them and hopefully they'll stand behind their products.
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  3. axeexcess

    axeexcess New Member

    Does Steelseries have a similar audio app that does bass boosting like Razer Surround?
  4. Afrowookie

    Afrowookie New Member

    Don't know, i'll find out soon enough after it's delivered.
  5. Aeroheatclassic379

    Aeroheatclassic379 New Member

    As if they will give that to us for free...
  6. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    Let's not forget that the app only stopped working after Windows version 2004, so keep your conspiracy theories to yourselves. Do note that this isn't something that we can pull out of a hat especially since the problem is directly related to a Windows update. We'd appreciate it if you send us logs instead of posting salty if not, hateful comments.

    *I'll be locking this thread as plenty of users violated the House Rules. You know who y'all are. Consider this my last warning.
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