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Synapse 3 on Mac

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Dvaz453, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. Dvaz453

    Dvaz453 New Member

    Does anyone know if there is a version of synapse 3 for Catalina 10+?
    Just picked up a naga trinity and It won't connect to synapse 2
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  2. Absolutely furious about this! Top dollars for a mouse which isn't supported on Mac? Are you serious ??
  3. Blackie1104

    Blackie1104 New Member

    So does that mean we should throw away every garbage made by Razer now? lol What a joke.
  4. MindTheChasm

    MindTheChasm New Member

    Return the item. I purchased an Ornata Chroma and a Trinity solely because it was supported, and within a year, they've stopped supporting macOS. Synapse 2 crashes an inordinate amount on Catalina, the software rarely recognizes the devices, you lose nearly all customization options, and they've officially stated all future releases will only be supported through Synapse 3 on Windows only. Utterly shocking that they market their devices as supported on an OS and then discontinue supporting those devices on that OS. Seriously, look elsewhere. They drew their line in the sand and put us squarely on the outside.
    -former fan of Razer
  5. rafalkr

    rafalkr New Member

    I have the same problem :slightly_sad: razer mouse basilisk v2 and keyboard blackwidow elite green I and have app to control anything on mac os catalina serious ? When i know i buy something from logitech :slightly_sad:.
    PS: sory for my english I'm from Poland :) I and still study
  6. johnkeitel

    johnkeitel New Member

    I was wondering why I had never heard of Razer before. It's because its products are not compatible with Macs. I'm a filmmaker in LA and have resided in the Apple ecosystem for many, many years thanks to Avid and Final Cut. I recently upgraded my workstation with Hue Play lights and read about Hue's partnership with Razer. How cool to have an RGB keyboard, I thought, that syncs with the Hues!

    It turns out it was a good thing my keyboard pick -- the Huntsman Mercury -- has been out of stock, or I'd be bummed. The Goliathus Extended mouse mat I ordered in the meantime just arrived today, and I was looking forward to introducing it to the Hues. But the Synapse 3 for Mac I downloaded and installed won't, or can't, detect it. After some troubleshooting, I made my way here and found out why: it's not meant to be detected on a Mac. Silly me, I just assumed...

    The mat feels responsive, and its RGB LED illuminates with rotating colors when I plug in its USB, so it's a keeper. But like the other Mac users on this thread, I find myself scratching my head. I have no doubt Apple can be a demanding and challenging collaborator. I am frequently frustrated by its closed source business model that forces entire workflows into its precise, limited, and, frankly, precious domain. But for better or worse, it has cornered the creative market, especially cinematic film and video, and the people who make them. And while that may not seem to matter today to a company like Razer dedicated to the ongoing evolution of gaming, everything I know about the future of my world and the gaming world says it will matter sooner rather than later. As gaming enhances its storytelling quotient and cinema grows more personalized and interactive, the two will merge. Razer is a unique company with cutting edge products. It can and should facilitate a coming together, not discourage it.

    Nothing has had a more significant impact on the quality of my work, life, and productivity than the one-two punch of the PowerMac PowerPC G5 and Final Cut Pro 4-7. Together, they democratized the means of post-production and liberated young filmmakers like me. Gaming's future promises to be at least as portentous. I encourage Razer to contemplate its 20-year, 50-year vision of our world in which virtually every part of life is infused with aspects of gaming yet to be. Would supporting OSX help or hinder Razer's journey forward?
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