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Synapse AZERTY

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Fred45770, Aug 20, 2020.

  1. Fred45770

    Fred45770 New Member


    J'utilise Synapse pour mon Tartarus V2.
    Quand je veux mettre la lettre "a" sur la touche G1 par exemple, j'utilise "FONCTION CLAVIER" et j'appuie sur la touche "a" de mon clavier. Synapse met propose la lettre "q" parce qu'il est en qwerty ????
    Comment mettre synapse en AZERTY ?
    Surtout quand je change le nom d'un profil mon clavier est bien en AZERTY dans synpase, c bizarre.

    Google translate :

    I am using Synapse for my Tartarus V2. When I want to put the letter "a" on the G1 key for example, I use "KEYBOARD FUNCTION" and I press the "a" key on my keyboard. Synapse uses the letter "q" because it is in qwerty ???? How to put synapse in AZERTY? Especially when I change the name of a profile my keyboard is in AZERTY in synpase, c weird.

    Help me please.
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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    Strange, seems to be a bug - looks like Synapse still use QWERTY layout, and doesn't recognised your layout in OS. Maybe try assigning "Q" on your AZERTY keyboard.
  3. Num6_PMG

    Num6_PMG New Member

    Hi, i have the same problem ! I'am french. My keyboard use Azerty but my Tartarus V2 use qwerty !
    I had a Razer Nostromo which worked perfectly in Azerty so the problem comes from Synapse V3 or from Tartarus itself.
    PS : I bought my Tartarus on Amazon France and on the packaging it is written in French
    Do you have a solution ?
  4. Hello everyone, i have the same problem too. Is there a solution ?
    Maybe by changing the firmware, but I can't find it.
  5. Num6_PMG

    Num6_PMG New Member

    Hello, no solution found. I reprogrammed all the keys in the meantime.
  6. Fred45770

    Fred45770 New Member

    Yes me too "I reprogrammed all the keys in the meantime."

    BUT IT IS NOT : the right solution

    Synapse Bug, it is very not good for Razer
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  7. Big-Barbar

    Big-Barbar New Member

    Hi everyone, same for me, even when I reprogram the keys, somehow all program and game don't take the reorders of the keys. It's sad because if you change the keysbindings in the game you can't play with keysboard after that.
  8. Maxonebad

    Maxonebad New Member

    Hi everyone, so we are the 20 of September, 2 month after the first, post, still, no reply from RAZER ? It's now working on me. I want to have AZERTY in Synapse.
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