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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Manujito, Sep 11, 2022.

  1. Manujito

    Manujito New Member

    Hi, I recently noticed that Synapse 3 (and Synapse 2 as well) constantly writes to disk saving logs in various files.

    I found these paths for now:


    ProgramData/Razer/Synapse/Logs (probably Synapse 2, but still annoying since I'm using both)

    I did not find an option to disable logging, and would love to, since it's a CONSTANT write operation on my C drive that I do not want happening.

    Apart from the constant writing, the issue is that these folders just keep growing. Older logs are not auto-deleted, they just keep piling up. I just reinstalled Windows about a week ago and we are already at about 250MB of logs file alone, insanity.

    I would rather avoid having to fiddle with folder permissions/security/ownership to stop these logs.

    Please just give an option in the general settings to disable this feature.

  2. Manujito

    Manujito New Member

    Nothing on this issue?
  3. AndreAzevedo

    AndreAzevedo Member

    It is common to find applications that constantly write unnecessary data to log files, Synapse3 is certainly one of them.
    I'm going to list files and folders that regularly generate an excessive amount of logs.
    \Razer\Razer Central\Logs\*

    The list is long and I have spared no efforts to resolve the issue. But I wish it was possible to receive cleaner Synapse3 without too many Logs.

    OBS: be careful if you don't trust the writing of some logs, synapse3 may fail at startup
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  4. AndreAzevedo

    AndreAzevedo Member

    thread loops

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