Terrible performance

Discussion in 'Razer Axon' started by Mystic8b, Dec 9, 2022.

  1. Mystic8b

    Mystic8b New Member

    I know it's beta, so no complaints. Just to convey information. When I turn on Axon, I get catastrophic lags in the operating system interface (win11 22h2) - context menu, explorer, even the cursor lags! I have never seen such a thing. I will provide any information, just tell me what, maybe there is some kind of debug mode?
    My config:
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  2. Mystic8b

    Mystic8b New Member

    Most likely I found the problem. After accidentally disabling instant replay in nvidia shadowplay, the problem is gone. But 20% gpu load for 3080 is too much, static wallpaper is better.
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  3. DorkKnight04

    DorkKnight04 New Member

    I don't even have Shadowplay/Instant replay enabled. Curious what the real issue is here. I have just awful performance, like it's running at 5 or 10 FPS on my desktop. Doesn't seem normal. Can't use it when it's like this, period.
  4. DorkKnight04

    DorkKnight04 New Member

    Does it run smoothly after what you think was a fix?
  5. FavroiteGamers17

    FavroiteGamers17 New Member

    Not, sure I have a 1060 laptop chip in my ailenware laptop, and I had to disable it because it was taking up 50-80% of my cpu and gpu!
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