The RAZER Blade 15 (2018) 4K (UHD)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by IrrationalTranscendental, Jul 22, 2018.

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  1. Fuelhandler

    Fuelhandler New Member

    Hello Synclide,
    Glad to hear you are keeping your pre-order. In my opinion it is definitely worth the wait. In my case, the question I had to ask is whether or not I would be disappointed once the GeForce GTX 1170 (or 2070 depending on the nomenclature Nvidia decides to go with) comes out. In my case the 1070 max-q hits my requirements, so the decision made sense for me as this computer should be sufficient for the next 2-3 years for my needs.
    To answer your questions:
    - Yes, I believe that the 100% colour range on this laptop makes for a vastly improved viewing experience. I'm only an amateur digital photographer, and dabble very limitedly with video production, but from my "pro-sumer" vantage point, this is probably the 2nd best display I have used on a laptop (and very well calibrated to boot.) The only more visually stunning display I've used was the OLED display on my 13" Alienware which was unbelievable in the way it could make colour "pop" (but in my opinion the size trade off vastly trumps the slight increase in visual fidelity (of course this is purely subjective and not a quantified opinion.)
    - In regards to your second question, E-Sports games fly on this machine at 1080p, and it barely breaks a sweat. 60 fps at 1080p are constant and fans whirl at a hair above whisper quiet (once again purely a non-scientific assessment.) 4K is definitely achievable at 60 fps with some minor tweaking of settings. If hard core e-sports are the main use, then the 144hz might be some gamers preference, but at the cost of muddy drab display and fuzzy text in anything other than frantic game play use (the 4K in my opinion is the clear winner, as games can always be scaled to 1080p and 60hz is more than sufficient and not worth the 144hz trade-offs.)
    I must reiterate that for general office computing, the fans turn completely off which is a nice feature.
    In summation, I think you will be very pleased with your pre-order once it ships to you. I am very glad I waited, as I almost cancelled my pre-order too (in order to buy the 144hz variant.) As pre-orders are shipping to Canada (and the US now), I'm sure the UK won't be far behind.) Happy gaming!

    Hi pielover7434,
    I'm only trying to give my honest impressions of the 4K Blade as I've experienced them, and I can easily believe that your experiences have varied. Although people are free to take my opinions at face value or disagree that's fine, but please do not muddy the waters by saying I'm "falsifying" my battery life. Please note that my stated 7~8 hour battery life is doing office tasks and not gaming (that's the last I'll engage on this topic as I have no desire to start a flame war.)
    Sorry to hear of your power adapter troubles, I'm hoping CS has a replacement out very soon to you.
    My fans do not come on during normal office type tasks, nor do they cycle after I updated to 1803. Perhaps I won the "processor chip / pasting lottery", and YMMV depending on who assembled the unit, and which bin the chips were taken out of.
    One thing I will mention is that my vapour chamber is copper coloured and does not appear to be painted or enameled in any sort of black paint or coating. Perhaps this is a change Razer is making on new units to improve thermals? My SSD also came with a thermal silicon pad which touches both the top of the drive as well as the bottom shell which seems to be new as I haven't read anything else online about others finding this under the hood.
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Can you provide us some thermal data like from HWINFO64 on gaming on your new Blade with copper colored vapor chamber. I thought also same thing as you, for thermal improvement. Yes I noticed also they applied thermal pad on SSD from user picture that I saw recently, means they do some thermal improvement.
  3. Synclide

    Synclide New Member

    Seems convincing, not too long left in that case, honestly can't wait to recieve it, the wait has seemed like ages XD, thanks for your input :D

    Hey thanks for your reply, you've been a massive help. Releaved to hear it can game no problem 1080p at 60fps, massive bonus to hear that it could game at 4k at a high fps if settings are tweaked, though the 4k aRGB is more for eye popping videos/movies/anime and some light photo/video editting, and as you said the display is eye catching so thats great! 20th august is a potential release date for the UK, so yeah not long left now! thanks for your input once again!

    oh cool i'll give it a look! glad to hear games run like a charm, I am aware that the xps has a stunning display but that camera on the bottom of the screen will ruin my future job interviews XD. I'm also a big fan of the RGB keyboard as I have some applications I will utilise that for, the xps doesn't have that but then again its marketed as an office laptop, and im after something thats more 'gaming' build wise and hardware wise, but that I could also take into a workplace and not look like im asking for attention with my over the top looking gaming device XD with radical colours and sharp body work (i.e rog, alienware). The aero was definately a contender for me, but i prefered the sleak design of the razer and build materials used. thanks again for the advice!
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  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    You’ll get better experience in gaming on 1440p, you have really good eyes if you can tell the difference between gaming on 4K and 1440p on 15 Inch screen. If you still have room for max 60fps you can upscale to 1800p.
  5. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    The 4k blade is now available in the Razer store for the UK!!

    Just in case you missed the thread warning Jimbo
    You can now Buy one from the UK Razer store - Which means they are finally in the UK :D

    The 4k blade is now available in the Razer store for the UK!!
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  6. Synclide

    Synclide New Member

    I noticed it, but I think like myself most people from the UK pre-ordered it from amazon UK. On amazon its still coming up as 'available for pre-order' but i suspect that from monday (tomorrow) amazon should start shipping because the 4k versions from the razer uk store are now out of stock, pretty sure a large chunk of them should have been sent to amazon. I think most 3rd party sellers like amazon get it on the 20th like you found on that link, which is tomorrow, so hopefully.... XD
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  7. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    I am trying not to hold my breath or hope too much but I'm hoping so too

    It's been so tempting to get from Razer, or Scan, but I've held out too (I also go the 2 year protection plan for £130 - which sounded pretty good value as it covered accidental damage as well!)
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  8. Synclide

    Synclide New Member

    yeah same story here pre-ordered with that 2 year insurance, i read into it and it covers accidental damage so things like dropping it and shattering the screen or water damage I imagaine, most likely never gonna let anything like that happen to my 2.5k laptop but good to know I'm covered XD. Yeah same thing here in terms of waiting too, pre-ordered it very late in june thinking it would release 1st week of july and here we are late august lol, been waiting for well over a month and a half. Its the first razer product I'm buying and from reading that they have customer service that could do with improvements, amazon is much safer. I also think that I've been waiting far too long now for it to come out on amazon to order it somewhere else now. The coming working week, i have my hopes up that it will arrive at my door. The wait has literally seemed like a lifetime XD
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  9. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    If you got nothing from Amazon the other day (I didn't) I noticed Scan changed their date to 03rd September - so thats the new wish date :)
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  10. Synclide

    Synclide New Member

    Yeah I didn’t lol :slightly_sad: , let’s hope so thanks dude

    3rd of september and no sign of change :'( lol
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  11. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    Yup, though I've asked them if they are fulfilling pre-orders or just dont have them.

    I've been checking this:
    and have seen the 144hz one go in and out of stock in Amazon - so don't know if anyone has had them in just for the pre-orders (and Amazon haven't got to mine yet) or if Razer haven't given any of the 4k ones to external suppliers.

    More hoping and waiting :slightly_sad:
  12. crypticc

    crypticc Member


    Been watching this thread since ordering my blade in early June.

    Popped to say hi and that my razer blade 15 4k has been dispatched from Amazon.
    Arriving today so totally ruined the weekend plans. Lol

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  13. Synclide

    Synclide New Member

    hi thats great news! is this amazon uk? because for me it still shows up as available for preorder lol?
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  14. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    Brilliant, 2 quick questions, like Synclide said is that Amazon UK?
    and do you know when you ordered in June (I was on 16th so I just wondered if they are doing it in date order).?

    Thanks again for letting us know.. it's been a long wait and it's great to see Amazon fuldilling orders :)
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  15. crypticc

    crypticc Member

    Yes UK. Came this morning. However I think it might have come earlier but I'd changed my card since ordering, but failed to update my order to my new card number - they first attempted to invoice me on Wednesday but it bounced on the old card number. When I called to update and ask why they didn't just use the card that I'd already updated and used on other orders they gave me £5 which was nice.

    8th June order
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  16. Synclide

    Synclide New Member

    hey thanks for the update! this is definiately strange from amazon's side not to update the blade 4k's status, so for you if you go on amazon and type in razer blade 15 4k does it still show 'available for preorder' written on it or is that just me? and did you get the standard amazon emails saying its been dispatched, it will arrive tommorow etc? whatever this is must have to do with pre-order date as mine was placed 30th june, much later than yours.

    Questions aside, congrats on your new laptop!! i bet you must have loved to unbox it after waiting so long XD! do let us know how it peforms generally and whilst gaming if you get the chance, hopefully you are impressed as the vast majority of the people on the forum with regards to display, performance, build quality, feel etc!

    once again congrats on your new laptop, enjoy!
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  17. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    Brilliant, have fun with it

    And thanks again for letting us know. I was starting to think Amazon was never going to get them in, but it looks like they have them and are fulfilling orders in a first come first serve - which is great.

    Soooo many times I've been tempted to get the 144hz which still seems awesome but I'm glad I've waited as I need the 4k for coding :)
  18. Synclide

    Synclide New Member

    hey, just a quick one because I'm wanting to get into basic coding softwares myself later this year, what makes the 4k version good for someone who wants to code?
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  19. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    It's just about "screen real estate" which just means more space

    Although the physical screen size for a 1080p and 4k are identical, you can fit more information on a 4k screen (Exactly 4 times as much).

    So if you take a simple spreadsheet, and on a 1080p screen you could see 26 columns and 30 rows at once - on a 4k screen you could see 92 columns and 120 rows which is a lot more information (albeit smaller in size).

    So for coding, you can see twice as much script vertically at any one time (which is useful for long blocks of code).

    If you use the unreal engine - other game engines are available - you can have a 1080p view port and still have half the screen left for coding and another 1080p worth of space for debugging (or email :) ).
  20. crypticc

    crypticc Member

    Hi both

    After the teething issues with getting the right drivers installed, (see throttling thread although I didn't really have thermal throttlin), and fixing the charging when off (dedicated thread) it's been rock solid through about 10 runs each of firestrike, timespy. and cinebench GPU and CPU tests.

    Relevant only to the 4k model I will say running the aboveabo 1080 mode makes a small improvement compared to 4k. But I also ran firestrike ultra 4k for shits and giggles and although it scored fair frame rates were clunky.
    Also pcmark a few times although those results were a little on the low side and I was running on battery (although max perf). It's a long test and ran out of patience so reeun plugged in. Besides running on battery was more to test the battery. The full suite took from 90% to 72% with max perf, fans on auto. Not sure about the GPU oc because I think synapse overrode my afterburner seeing when I unplugged power.

    I've posted some benchmarks on the throttling thread. I don't think I have thermal throttling but there is some power limit going on I think. Temperature wise the bbi everyone was complaining about, and that concerned me, was physics temperature. The top bit above the fn keys never got too hot to handle and not hotter than say the outside of a mug of hot chocolate trut a thick mug.

    Pcmark as i said something else was going on, it was only marginally warmer than hand hot temperature when it'd finished.

    Screen is even. No backlight bleed at corners or edges although l can see where I believe there's two horizontal bars ever so slightly dimmer at 30% and 60% heights horizontally across full screen. I guess this is either the shade for the led at that position or perhaps where less at 15, 50 and 75 aren't quite overlapping. Only visible at higher brightness settings and not visible except in flat colour test images. I'm comparing it to my LG oled TV of which I've got a good un and the slight zipper I have at the edge of that screen at 5-10 IRE is more pronounced. Comparing it to a LCD screen it is much better I think.

    Keyboard is lovely and I'm just getting there with the right arrow.

    Touchpad also excellent although finding two finger scrolling, and two finger right click less precise. I think it detects my thumb resting at bottom of the laptop while I'm using the first and second finger. I need to get used to moving thumb completely off the pad/ device and I think is because it's larger touchpad and extends lower than the older macair I had.

    Overall. Happy. Although as my brother in law said, bloody should be at that price. :)
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