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Which is better, BlackShark V2 X or Kraken X

  1. BlackShark V2 X

  2. Kraken X

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  1. ExtraEzraGaming

    ExtraEzraGaming New Member

    Hey I purchased my headphones and received the code for THX 7.1 audio. As I was scratching off the code, I accidentally scratched off part of the code and have been trying to figure it out, I’m missing all but 2, I’ve been able to make everything else out except for 2 digits. I’ve registered my device according to the video, I was hoping I could receive the code when I registered it but I guess not. :slightly_sad: anyway after filling a support case I’ve decided to reach out to the community in hopes someone could help. If anyone knows how I can receive a new code or recover my old one, please let me know in the replys. Appreciate any help what so ever and thank you all! :|
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