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THX spatial audio not installing correctly

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by loadMediumOrchidfast129, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. last night i was clearing up some stuff on my PC and noticed i had like 7 different audio outputs so i wanted to get rid of them, removed the drivers for them in the device manager (bad idea i know) including the one for THX, i figured that it would just reinstall the drivers like it does with the speakers but it didn't, I've reinstalled the program several times and THX doesn't show up on my driver list on device manager even after a fresh install, same thing for my drop down on the select output device list, I've found in one of the files it has the drivers for the software but when thing to install them it fails near the end and just aborts, anyone had the same issue? any help?
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  2. brokcar

    brokcar New Member

    i did the same thing and no help online has anyone figured it out?
  3. sharpDeepRuby407

    sharpDeepRuby407 New Member

    What headset you are using?
  4. sharpDeepRuby407

    sharpDeepRuby407 New Member

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  5. kafkalino

    kafkalino New Member

    Hello ! I did remove the THX in the regedit, and do like you said. THX contiue to not show up on my driver list on device manager. What is the problem ?
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  6. SirPonglenis

    SirPonglenis New Member

    Hello I have exactly the same Problems, already wrote with customer support and reinstalled everything, deleted the regedit...still THX not showing up
  7. kafkalino

    kafkalino New Member

    still have the problem...... razer.....200 euros headdset...please....
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