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Time for a new Orbweaver (Pro?)

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by scgeggie, Jul 18, 2020.

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  1. scgeggie

    scgeggie New Member

    Not sure what the community thinks about this. I rely a lot on my Orbweaver Chroma and it is the only razer device I own that is not supported by Synapse 3. I have read other threads that make a call for Synapse 3 compatibility for the Orbweaver Chroma, but the truth is that at this point it might be simpler for Razer to develop a new product. The newest Tartarus Pro looks nice, but there are many, such as myself, that are not fond of the scroll wheel configuration and would rather have an additional key.

    A feasible product for Razer to develop would be a new generation Orbweaver that could be based on the Tartarus Pro's architecture, but without the scroll wheel; one that is supported by Synapse 3, that has optical switches, and just maybe, an Analog Joystick (giving Synapse the ability to program standard keys in this joystick for those games that do not support analog). I feel like a product like this would be pretty successful, and would make some keypad users want to upgrade, and probably even bring some non keypad users to give it a try. Your thoughts?
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  2. HeCoon

    HeCoon New Member

    I have the Tartarus V2 and I don't even use the scroll wheel. I don't even notice it is there.
  3. MaximusRex

    MaximusRex New Member

    I moved away from the Orbweaver to the Tartarus V2 because of the scroll wheel which I loved from my Nostromo days, and because the crappy glue on the Orbweaver wrist rest. I'm not sure the market for these kind of devices makes it worthwhile for them to support 2 at the same time, and it does seem that they went from the original Tartarus, which was more like the Nostromo but without the scroll wheel, to the Orbweaver, then back the the Tartarus with the V2 and now the Pro. So while not against it myself, I don't see it that much from a business perspective.
  4. As long, as the quality problems of Tartarus are not solved, I will never buy any one.
    At least, the technical design of the Pro ist not worth any look. The two way click points are useless.
    You can find complaints and tests everywhere (also in insider).
    Breaking thumb keys and joystick, sometimes after month, is never acceptable.
    And nevertheless Synapse3 is a mess.
    So, yes a new Orbweaver with solid construction would be fine.
    But sadly Razer qualitity is getting poorer quickly.
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  5. MaximusRex

    MaximusRex New Member

    Declining product quality and Synapse issues have certainly been ongoing for Razer for a while. Trying to log onto a game for a scheduled group event as I am getting home only to find out my Tartarus is a paperweight because Synapse isn't working and they couldn't be assed to put a flashable ROM in it so it could work without Synapse is aggravating. I wouldn't go back to an Orbweaver without a redesign of the wrist rest and the addition of a scroll wheel, though hopefully one that doesn't double scroll so easily.
  6. Yes, the wrist rest is realy bad. I glued it myself an wrapped it with a silk scarf. I don't miss a scroll wheel, because Orbweaver hasn't one.
    But either way, it' a disgrace for Razer, delivering such bad hard- and software. And nothing seems to change, they simply don't care at all.
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