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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer.WolfPack, May 22, 2018.

  1. czesio007p

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    Oh my god ....
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  2. Dark-Rider

    Dark-Rider New Member

    Hello all,

    Sorry to bring the bad news, but the Razer Core V2 is still not the revolutionary product we all were awaiting for.

    I own a 2016 Razer Blade 14 with GTX1060 and I wanted to, eventually, get a Razer Code to increase performances. And in my case it is a total fail:
    - the USB-C acts as a bottleneck, impacting the performances of any external graphic card, even the most advanced ones (Blade 14 + GTX1060 = more fps than Blade 14 + Core + GTX1070 or in some case 1080ti)

    - The Razer Core acts as a USB-C hub that includes a GigaB. Network adapter and enables to connect to an external monitor (via the graphic card, or Display port) - so if you use already a usb-c hub that contains a display port to support 120 hrtz, the razer core becomes even useless and a noisy add-on to your desk

    - The USB-C cable of the Core V2 is 50cm long (to support 40Gb data transfer rate), so you will have to keep the Razer Core on your desk to use it (= fan noise), and you will need to face the most ugly and noisy part of it (the back) due to this short cable

    - From a connecting perspective, I will just say that Core X is the one you should never buy (it has no external USB port, no Ethernet port).
    Core V1 is a bit old and requires software to switch from embedded graphic card to external core.
    Core V2 does this more smoothly without the need to touch any software (hot plug)

    Basically the Razer Core (v2 NDLR) is (very) good ONLY when using a laptop with usb-c and a basic graphic card, (as for instance the Blade Stealth with Intel GPU) or any laptop without a proper 3D accelerating GPU, as for instance when using a laptop with an old NVIDIA
    (side note: I still struggle to imagine a laptop with Thunderbolt connector and a "old" gpu, but that is a different topic...)

    If your laptop has a decent 3D card (GTX1060 and above), then using the Razer Core is a "step down" in your setup: fps will drop, operating noise level will go up.

    If you want to improve your gaming perf, you will need to buy for a more recent Razer Blade (gen 7) or eventually switch to a more standard gaming desktop

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  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member

    Yes Razer Core basically made for boosting laptops without dgpu aka ultrabook. But keep in mind there’s some advantages having it with a gaming laptop. To me here’s the advantages of course
    - CPU Temperature improvement up to 20 celcius, it may longer your Blade life span, my Blade 2017 use almost half its usage with Razer Core, sold out in mint condition.
    -Triple monitor gaming, normal Blade have only one or two ports to connect to external monitor, you can use dongle though, but some may reduce or not maximize the performance.
    -4K gaming, with 1080ti or more powerful card you can have access to this which is impossible by most powerful Blade gpu atm 1070maxq.
    It may be expensive upgrade but It’s worth having core with a gaming laptop, you have still portability plus power and at home you can add some juice and extra cpu cooler on it which is awesome imo.
    Unfortunately atm my rtx card still on the way so my core still empty, I believe with that I can max more performance on 144Hz Predator 1440p ultrawide via surrounds, with 1070maxq only around 60fps high with cpu temperature on high 80. 669E0567-B45D-40C4-957C-C6F76D9088E2.jpeg
  4. Dark-Rider

    Dark-Rider New Member

    Hello Joikansai
    Thank you for your reply! I am very curious to see your feedback, using the Razer Core V2, once you will have your graphic card in it.

    Don't get me wrong, I am a Razer fan, despite having issue with 2 mouse cords (Orochi and Diamondback), and having my Razer synapse not recognizing my Orbweaver if I unplug and replug the usb cable of the gaming pad. Or even just the fact that my Diamondback is incapable to retain the chroma configuration more than 10 mns - it disconnects or reconnects and switches back to factory default dpi and spectrum cycling when ever it wants...)

    My point is, there is still room for improvement (and a lot) on Razer Products and the Razer Core is no exception.
    Imo, I believe it is important for the audience to understand that purchasing the Razer Core will not "solve just everything" by just plunging the Thunderbolt cable to your laptop.
    It will reduce laptop heat, usb-c hub and using multiple screens, yes, but that is the added value I really see using a Razer Core. For multiple screens, in high res. I would like to see with my own eyes :smile_:

    For my Blade 14 I would want a Core (v3?) that will support the following features
    - support wide screens (> 34") at 140hz refresh in 4K
    - a place for not 1 but 2 (or even 3) graphic cards as I seriously doubt you will be able to run 3 screens at 140 Hz 4K resolution on 1 single graphic card.
    - or alternatively, a Core that will be able to combine both processing capabilities of the internal graphic card and the external one.
    - a more practical design with a decent usb-c cable length to be able to put the core box on the side of my desk and still have 40gb of data transfer (50 cm cable that is one big issue for me, I believe you will discover this "limitation" soon enough)
    - a noise less enclosure (I mean really silent, like a modern desk PC - the core is very noisy compared to my actual setup - and for that price, I expect noise to be reduced to the max)

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  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately egpu isn’t there yet, 4K 144Hz, even most powerful single gpu rtx2080ti desktop setting will struggle on some titles doing that on single monitor, Idk yet about new rumored Titan rtx though.
    Egpu was aimed for non dGPU laptops like ultrabook to have a gaming performance, like for example I can “abracadabra”;) my old stealth 2016 to be Blade 14 2017 in term performance with 1080ti core setting.
    Yes there’s a lot improvement needed on Razer Core especially v2 which loud PSU Fans noise, on core x user can change it easily since it use normal fans and PSU if they don’t like the sounds.
    There’s already longer full TB3 bandwidth (on egpu Graphics data it’s actually 22gb to 28gbs, intel limited it somehow, for other pheriperals bandwidth imo, you can check it with Cuda-Z) like this. There’s also another egpu enclosure that are silent but not with 500Watt or more, which means can’t drive high end gpu well.
    If you use it for cuda works both laptop dGPU and gpu on enclosure can work together but not on gaming as sli.
    TB3 still limited by 4 lanes maximum atm. You maybe need a real PCIe3 full desktop lanes (16) speed egpu for doing that, I saw some enthusiasts connecting directly to some parts inside laptop like express card slot with loosing its portability as trade off since it make the bottom lid opened and can’t be easily plugged off like normal USB ports, and of course loosing like wireless card that connected to that slot before. Some othe big brands make also their own gpu connection that almost same with desktop PCIe but you’ll need to boot your laptop anytime you want to use dGPU that to me is a deal breaker compared TB3 plug and play feature.
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  6. Dark-Rider

    Dark-Rider New Member

    Joikansai, we definitely understand each others! even on magic spell :wink_:

    Thx for the TB3 2m cable link :smile_: while 80 usd is very expensive for a cable, that is nothing compared to a Titan RTX graphic card, hitting today 2700.00 euros for 1 piece :cool_:.
    Adding 500.00 euros for a Razer Core, we are talking about 3300.00 euros for a eGPU (including the TB3 cable above) and still no screen(s) yet included.
    Alternatively it will cost you 1800.00 euros for the same setup with a 2080ti card.
    That is becoming very very pricey for gaming! I am not that rich! :rolleyes:
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