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Trying to activate stupid Kraken-X 7.1. Product number dumbness

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by adribanana, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. adribanana

    adribanana New Member

    So I signed up for this stupid account to activate this stupid 7.1 sound. Then im trying to activate this stupid corperate dark pattern register your product to make it have normal feature thing you have.

    It asks for SERIAL NUMBER and for PRODUCT NUMBER. Behind the earpad thing there is a serial number that starts with AC. I wrote that into the UNIQUE serial number field on the register your product form.

    Then its time to input the PRODUCT NUMBER. Which starts with RZ. And yeah, I can find that on the device. Its says RZ04-0289.

    Then its the date, why do you have DATE anyway? What if people got it as a gift? And they don't know the date. Please.... having the year and month would be sufficient yeah?

    And then location sets itself automatic.

    Then when you click NEXT. It says. PRODUCT NUMBER INVALID!!!

    I mean, I can remove the entire serial number and other field, and it says the same thing.

    So please when you make stupid dark pattern features in your products. Atleast make it seamless, so people don't need to go on forums in full rage to get basic functionality to work. Come on!!!
  2. Tigrannosaurus1

    Tigrannosaurus1 New Member

    I have same issue
  3. Vi11ainX

    Vi11ainX New Member

    Some Razer items don't have the full product number listed on the device. If you look on the box it came in, the full product number is listed on there.
  4. bartek0109

    bartek0109 New Member

    Same problem! This is ridiculous !
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