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Upgrading Blade 15 Base 2020 model - to the max

Discussion in 'Systems' started by robjs2020, Dec 26, 2020.

  1. robjs2020

    robjs2020 New Member


    Looking to purchase the Blade 15 Base Edition (link) which comes with 16GB RAM. I have looked online but unable to find out the maximum amount of RAM that can be installed on this model if I want to upgrade. Can anyone advise?

    Also, is there any limit on the size of an M2 SSD that can be put into this thing if I wanted to upgrade (yes I know it has a 2nd slot).

    Thanks y'all

  2. Fubari

    Fubari New Member

    Razer's tech documentation is harder to use than it needs to be.
    This 3-min video is a start:

    The video starts by showing how to navigate Razer's support site find out if you can actually upgrade your ram: basically find your model on the support page and find "At-a-glance" and click the "Read More..." link. That was worth watching for me, I had no idea where to find any kind of tech detail about the machine.

    Be sure to select the variant of the video card you have (near the top of "read more").
    I never would have thought to look under "at a glance/read more..."

    So anyway, on my model it shows:
    Memory: 16 GB dual-channel DDR4-2933 MHz (8GB x 2) Expandable to 64 GB
    Nothing mentioned about changes in memory timings, so presumably 32GB x 2 at that speed or faster would work. At least if I really needed more ram that is what I would try. I dislike that Razer doesn't explicitly say what speeds they've used to actually verify the "up to 64GB" part.

    ps. I'm a first time Razer Blade owner. I wish Razer had a tech manual or maintenance manual that went deep into the details. I expected solid technical docs from Razer, but not so much. This was an impulse buy for me - my old laptop died and I needed something same-day. *sigh* I regret not looking for solid manuals before buying this one.

    pps. Hey Razer, get back to work on Project Valerie already you punters.
  3. robjs2020

    robjs2020 New Member

    Thanks Fubari for your response.

    I did find something somewhere on another website after a while of searching which seemed to say the advanced model is expandable up to 64gb but the base is only up to 32gb. However, I can see the page you are referring to (At a Glance: Razer Blade 15" Base (2020) | RZ09-03519) and you are right, it is actually 64GB - good news!

    I couldn't find this on the Base model page originally. The Advanced spec page on the Razer site seems to give this kind of info so I don't know why the base model page was so sparse for info. It's the same with the drivers page - the advanced page has a bunch of links to download drivers and Razer Updater, but the base model does not have any. I raised a ticket on this and they came back saying something about they have not had time to create it and it may take some time I did say back to them that the advanced model was released at the same time so why it should take longer to produce a page for the base model I don't get. Maybe if you buy an Advanced model you get better support... who knows. But it's a minor thing.

    As a fellow first time Blade owner, can I ask, have you seen any backlight bleed on your screen. I have a small amount in one area at the bottom. It is only noticeable when watching certain films/shows which go dark or have black bars above and below. I am not sure if this is normal for any laptop with an IPS screen or if I should be complaining about it. It is not terrible but it is noticeable. Would be interested to know your experience...
  4. Fubari

    Fubari New Member

    Hmm, I never noticed screen bleed through.
    So... I just looked at this web page in full screen mode (F11): http://deadpixeltest.com/
    Cycling through the colors, the black on my screen looks solid in a normally lighted room.
    In a darkened room I do see some backlight bleed through on the bottom.
    Seems like two or three points where they put the LEDs for back lighting.
    Which I think is fine, I can't notice it with overhead lights on. If we compared screen pictures (like with an external camera, not a screenshot) I bet they would look very similar.

    Some bleed-through is normal for LCDs of all kinds.
    I would consider an OLED screen, but I don't know if that can provide the high refresh rates. I've got the 120hz screen, which is overkill for me because I'm sooo not pushing the limits for gaming. I love how black an OLED display can be, but there are finicky problems like burn-in and I wasn't ready to special-order something.

    This machine was a total impulse buy for me; I was like "I need a laptop now, please. What do you have?" and this was the the best on-hand available for power+price.

    I love Razer's build quality - delightful hardware! But such weak documentation. That is the only thing I can really complain about.
  5. Fubari

    Fubari New Member

    Oh yeah, please post back if you do try the 64gb upgrade - would love to know if it worked and what make+model of dimms you used.
  6. robjs2020

    robjs2020 New Member

    Hi Fubari

    I've attached a photo of mine although as with all such photos of backlight bleed, it's not the best representation. I pretty much turned the lights off and put on full brightness. It's really not super-bad, but for an expensive laptop it's hard to know what to expect.
    I considered the OLED, but like you said, the refresh rate was the standard 60Hz. There could have been one with higher refresh rate but if so it must be much more expensive and over my budget!
    Kudos on impulse buying. I sometimes wish I could do that, but I am too through and spend ages researching before I buy anything. I actually had Dell XPS as my first choice but after going through 3 faulty models I gave up. The Blade works and I don't really have any complaints on it - apart from the fingerprints!!! But I can live with that

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  7. Fubari

    Fubari New Member

    Mine seems pretty similar, fwiw.
    When I don't have to get technical with mine I'm pretty pleased - and it does mostly just work.
    I thought there might be aftermarket screen panels, you know - like replacing a cracked screen. Just wondering is dropping in an after-market OLED panel is possible. I'm just not seeing much for parts when I search.
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