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USB Controller, USB Bandwith

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by QuestingLuke, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. QuestingLuke

    QuestingLuke New Member

    Looking at getting a laptop to stream from. I want use the Ripsaw to stream from my PS4 (and whatever else I hook up to it) and use my Razer Kiyo webcam, cause I love it., and my blue yeti mic, cause I also love it

    SO, lots of USB bandwith is being asked for. Right now I'm having issues in OBS adding the two Video Capture Devices (the ripsaw and the kiyo)

    I want to buy a laptop, but I want to know that the laptop can either

    A) handle the banthwith
    B) has two USB controllers

    Can ayone tell me what their Blades or other razer laptops have going on?

    I know that building a tower would make this all easier, but space is a limitation and I like being able to move things around.
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