What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Mat_Cauthon

    Mat_Cauthon Member

    Razer Surround for Android would be nice, or at least an audio enhancer, if not actually the surround sound program.
  2. MrKillaLol97

    MrKillaLol97 Member

    It would be awesome to see a Razer Monitor, webcam or a Wheel
  3. Freedomfighter91

    Freedomfighter91 New Member

    Monitor and support for Razer Leviathan in Razer Surrond.
  4. waterdaemon

    waterdaemon New Member

    I think large boxes are on the verge of becoming dinosaurs. Get ahead of the power curve and get on the NUC train. An NUC on it's own could be a home media PC, a business machine capable of most routine word processing and spreadsheet tasks, and if compatible with the Core (which it should be) could compete with gaming boxes and workstations. With the right software it could double as a home NAS, backing up or syncing with your Blade or Stealth to complete the ecosystem.
  5. Mczpzy

    Mczpzy Active Member

    More outlet store here in my country (philippines) and more imba gears! :D
  6. Dunker_23

    Dunker_23 Member

    a razer monitor

    omg best idea ever
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  7. everAMBERDenim406

    everAMBERDenim406 New Member

    I want to preface this suggestion by noting that I think this would be something like a month's work for one developer at most, but would be a big quality of life improvement to everyone using razer synapse.

    Everyone who's played FPS games knows how important mouse sensitivity is. When you play a lot of different FPS games, it can be a real chore trying to get mouse sensitivity to be even remotely the same across all of them. You can see that this is an issue by the existence of websites that attempt to calculate equivalent sensitivities (mouse-sensitivity dot com is an example).

    I want to see a feature in Synapse that gives you tools to equalize mouse sensitivities. What I would suggest as a first draft of an idea is being able to input your resolution and monitor size, so that the software can then calculate how to send a precise distance of horizontal movement as if it came from the mouse.

    That way, I could bind something to send 11 inches of horizontal movement, and then fiddle with the mouse sensitivity in any game I choose until I get 11 inches to give me a 360 degree turn. It's not as convenient as just converting from one game to another, but that is a lot harder and mathematically challenging.

    It might be the case that spoofing mouse movement like that is impossible even for the mouse drivers - but there's a workaround for that, too. If you can't spoof mouse movement, you can certainly display a measurement, so that I could bind a key to produce a popup window that shows how far my mouse has moved on the mousepad (and, preferably, with the same key turn vertical sensitivity to 0). This makes a bit more work for the end user, but the result is the same.

    Basically, it would be a huge quality of life improvement for me if I could objectively set my mouse sensitivity in each game to keep the same inches per 360, and I don't think it would be very hard to code.
  8. hi9580

    hi9580 New Member

    18.4 inch razer blade stealth

    17 inch razer blade stealth

    pcie based capture card (does both 2160p@30fps and 1080p@60fps)

    usb 3.1 stick with ssd controller and chroma transfer light (with speeds to compete with the likes of mushkin ventura ultra and kingston hyperx savage)

    razer themed/designed/branded full cover cpu, gpu, vrm, ram, ssd liquid cooling blocks

    nzxt hue+ competitor
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  9. wireless vertical gaming mouse
  10. DaanBlankie

    DaanBlankie Active Member

    A cool USB-hub, a small wireless keyboard for a tablet, a armor case for tablets, a mobile stand and velcro patches

    A flight stick and just more stuff for on the go
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  11. Chris_Chong

    Chris_Chong Active Member

    i would like to see a more budget oriented mouse, perhaps a mamba X chroma?
  12. iChiof

    iChiof Member

  13. Scuderia430

    Scuderia430 New Member

    Definitely a new soft mousepad!
  14. hartman556

    hartman556 Active Member

    Razer Smartphone ;)
  15. klmori

    klmori New Member

    a 2016 naga
  16. TyMcLean

    TyMcLean Active Member

    I think anything over 15" for the Stealth would be too large. I'd say give us a Stealth Pro. Increase the chassis a bit, but decrease the screen bezels and upgrade the processor and RAM for DDR4. I'd buy a second Stealth right now for these upgrades.
  17. JustAddBlu

    JustAddBlu New Member

    A laptop stand, with chroma for sure. Could plug in via power cable or usb and have additional cooling capabilities for laptops of various sizes.

    Would be pretty sick.
  18. NightKitsune

    NightKitsune New Member

    I agree with a lot of these posts a monitor would be pretty cool. I could see them doing different neon light settings for it too.
  19. Anticipatinq

    Anticipatinq New Member

    Definetly monitors, razer has mostly everything but them. Also, some gaming chairs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  20. The Neon Kraken Pro's
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