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What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. darthmatin

    darthmatin Member

    i want razer noodle in snake shape. instant mix11!!11!1
  2. Ratmut

    Ratmut New Member

    Razer Chroma clothing, Razer Chroma furniture, Razer Chroma everything
  3. FiendRiver666

    FiendRiver666 Active Member

    Better start mass producing those Chroma Mugs!
    I want me one of those!
  4. darthmatin

    darthmatin Member

    mass production needed for toasters!!
  5. XinXangXin

    XinXangXin New Member

    I want to see a Seattle store
  6. Hobo189

    Hobo189 Active Member

    Would love more customisation for the Kraken headsets, I'm not ashamed to say I have big fecking ears, so I would love some cups that are a bit deeper and/or bigger, similarly I think people with smaller ears would appreciate slightly smaller clip on cups which could save a little weight on the headset when gaming :)

    Also could razer drop sme offiical skins/covers for the Razer blades, I love mine but I wanna keep it clean for as long as possible and would rather be putting my money back into the company I like than to another 3rd party. @Min-Liang Tan hope you get a chance to read this and keep up the good work!
  7. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    I would love to see some sort of standing mouse. Don't get me wrong, I love all of the Razer mice, but my wrist is naturally turned, so prolonged use of my Razer mouse cause my wrist to cramp. I would love to see a line of more relaxed ergonomic mice.

    With that being said, I believe one of the next new products has got to be a monitor, it's the next natural step. There are laptops, and desktop cases, mice and keyboards, speakers and microphones, all except for monitors. It's only a matter of time.
    I would love to see record thin bezels, and possible touch screen.
  8. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    I think that using a vertical mouse would greatly decrease aiming accuracy...
  9. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    Sure, but they have categorical mice, such as those for fps' or rpgs. Perhaps for fps games there may be a noticeable drop in accuracy, but many rpgs or other slower paced games, this may be negligible.

    Or perhaps they could even create an entirely new design such as a standing mouse/joystick hybrid, with mouse movements that cover greater distances largely being controlled by traditional sliding around on the mousepad, while "fine-tune, high-precision" aiming can be done in a joystick fashion.

    You never know, Razer is known to break those barriers!
  10. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    It would require too much R&D to develop a vertical mouse that is as effective in FPS games as a normal gaming mouse.
    Edit: So what mouse do you currently use? I play games sometimes 6 hours in a row with a deathadder without any issues...
  11. Vueeyle244

    Vueeyle244 New Member

    Personally, I would like to see a few things coming from Razer in the future - one of them had already happened too (Razer Blade Pro - good on you Razer).

    • Razer Blade Pro Availability - After watching the announcement of the RBP, I was shocked and very happy to see the Pro series being revamped with high end components and great battery life - something my RBP 2014 is lacking now. However I wish it was more available in more countries such as Australia

    • Cooling Solution (Cooling Pad / Vaccum) - Even though laptops now day have excellent cooling systems, I still think it is lacking behind Desktop cooling abilities. HOWEVER, I think Razer should design a Laptop cooler that are specifically designed for the Razer Blade / Stealth / Pro. Many cooling pads blow air into the bottom of the laptop - however I think Razer should design a cooler that allows more static pressure into the intake vents of the Blade laptops!

    • USB 3.0 Docking Station - The Razer Core is a brilliant idea and a revolutionary introduction to modular upgrades and expansions. However, I think Razer should create a Docking System powered by 1 or 2 USB 3.0's. This is to allow cable management, more USB ports, Cleaner setup and better storage expansions / backup's for those who have lots of games on external HDD's or for creative professionals who back up lots of files daily.

    • USB Dongles for Wireless Mouse (Compact) - I love my Wireless Razer products such as the Mamba and Naga Epic Chroma. Amazing peripherals and helps me game / get my freelance photography jobs done! However, I cannot bare to take around the big charging docks around with me wherever I go to use its wireless functionality. I want to see Razer create a small dongle for me to take around, so i can still use the wireless mouse I use every where I go. That way I can just charge my mouse on the dock at home and take the mouse off the dock when I want to work away from home.
  12. KnifeCrisis

    KnifeCrisis New Member

    Probably a constant ask, but a redux of the Boomslang in wireless.
  13. Arkash1

    Arkash1 New Member

    Big Progress:
    A new web site ,with reasonable delivery times and a true customer policy!!!!!
  14. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    I currently use a Naga, I was hoping to eventually pickup either a Deathadder or Mamba Chroma since my current mouse isn't a Chroma product.
  15. Something new that I would personally like to see is some type of chroma controller for any platform
  16. ch6_6

    ch6_6 Member

    What we want is mostly in the product list, what we hope is the mass production and coverage of Razer products so that more people are able to enjoy it. Be sure, we wish to see additional surprise and improvement brought by Razer!
  17. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    How about just a standalone USB-powered light strip, like EL-Wire?
    We could install custom Synapse controlled Chroma lighting into our cases or wrap around monitors... It would be AWESOME!!!
  18. FuriouSxSlayer

    FuriouSxSlayer New Member

    Razer monitor
  19. Eviscorator

    Eviscorator New Member

    I would have to go with a H.O.T.A.S. system. Something like the Saitek X-56 but with Razer quality and style.
  20. chita13

    chita13 New Member

    A good monitor 24 "or a 27" with green details and the Razer logo, would be beautiful and more for Razer lovers, with 144Hz and with a quick response to the system of 1ms or 2ms, as I said someone previously I would like to support Your morale and second that choice of Razer monitors!
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