What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. billydavis45

    billydavis45 New Member

    i would like razer to not forget about the older products in software upgrades for poor people like me . i have the deathstalker and deathadder
  2. Rawdy

    Rawdy New Member

    After the announcement of the razer kraken te I got an idea for super accurate sound

    The razer Tiamat 7.1.1

    this would use the same drivers as the Tiamat. except it has an added driver.
    This would act as an upward/downward firing speaker as seen in a dolby atmos(but using THX Positional surround) home theater setup would act
    it would connect to 7.1 audio jacks/hdmi for the 7.1 channels and a USB to drive the positional surround
    add high res audio and you get the perfect headset if added to the right soundcard.

    I never see this coming but I want it
  3. Wyldwiisel

    Wyldwiisel New Member

    Heatmaps returned
  4. TPrevento

    TPrevento New Member

    I would really like to see a PlayStation App for the Razer Raiju, especially now that I see you have an Android App for the Tournament Edition, but nothing for the original & 2nd Gen PlayStation E-Sport Pro Controller Razer Raiju. I love Razer products, but nowadays the competition is really making everything user friendly, with apps not only on the computer, but on Android, Consoles, & even Apple. It's almost 2019 and if you put products out for consoles, then we should be able to program the hardware on a console App instead of disconnecting, connect to computer to set it up, disconnect from the computer, connect back to console to test, still not setup right so have to disconnect from console & reconnect back to computer to change setup again, etc... (I feel bad for anyone out there that has to go through this same situation, but not have the luxury of having their computer in the same room as their console.)
  5. Protektor_

    Protektor_ Member

    Gaming Controller for PC with nice wave effects and fully supported by synapse 3
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  6. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

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  7. Protektor_

    Protektor_ Member

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  8. Reyzac

    Reyzac New Member

    Actually, it would be very nice to finish Synapse 3 before releasing new products and by finish I think about add olds devices such as Blackwidow V1. If Synapse 3 stay in beta, please make new products be available on Synapse 2
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  9. billydavis45

    billydavis45 New Member

    I agree with ya about this setup
  10. Teruzond

    Teruzond New Member

    Okay so here's my wishlist for 2019:

    Nabu Smartwatch - The Nabu watch didn't seem to sell very well, but I really like mine. I'd love a full-fledged smartwatch version even more.

    Standalone Switchblade UI controller - I know, I've been harping on this for years now. I even had an idea for a prototype if I could get ahold of an older DeathAdder Ultimate, but basically a USB version of the old Switchblade UI in its own housing with a few extra features.

    Razer Chromebook - Okay, hear me out. I use Chromebooks and Windows laptops side-by-side. I know this new project they've got going on is similar to, but it still runs Android off the phone, so what if they also made a Chromebook that you could dock the phone into?

    Musical gear - The Seiren series is amazing, so why not branch out for those of us who also record live music? Maybe not a full-fledged mixer or synth modules or anything, but drum and speaker-cabinet mics as part of the Seiren series would be cool. Also, Seiren Elite as a vocal mic is heaven.

    Actually now that I think about it, why not a couple synth modules? Or one of those neat little 25-key keyboards with a couple plug-out modules or like. A guitar amp or something? Pretty sure if Razer and Roland partnered up something amazing would happen. Speaking of which did you know that Roland owns Boss? I didn't for the longest time! But the music store up in Corning has two Boss Katana-50 combo amps! I'm so getting one when I get my 8-string guitar.

    Also did you guys see the ASUS ROG-phone prototype yet? Here's a suggestion for the Razer Phone 2: Air-triggers!

    Oh yeah, and USB drives with a little light-up THS logo when you plug em in. I'd get so many.
  11. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    I think new ManO'War with oled display on each side for animated lightning chroma where can set pre-set one or choose uour from synapse this can use gif giles and be download from workshop. Imroved headband and can be dock in wirless charger something like Qi charging in phones or wired from usb. Headset will support THX and Dolby 7.` sorrund with 53mm driver. This will be sick :)
  12. xxxbenimaruxxx

    xxxbenimaruxxx New Member

    i would like it if you guys will ship to Israel...
    its highly unconveniante to try and get your awesome products and i dont wanna buy them from private sellers online.
    you have shopping sites for europe and asia so i cant understand why you wont ship to israel.

    i really hope youll change that soon.

    thanks for making the awesome panthera!
  13. Progjunkie

    Progjunkie New Member

    I would love to see project Linda make it's way to the stores. That is an awesome idea and I believe it will really be a big seller. Thanks
  14. SlimSwiss

    SlimSwiss New Member

    I think a monitor from them or teaming up with another company for it would be really cool. Maybe have some RGB lights built into the shell of the monitor for a really sleek look. Also maybe another (slightly cheaper) headphone stand?
  15. p1l0t3

    p1l0t3 Member

    Updated Nabu slicker and thinner would be an instant buy.
    And without screen because I have a razer phone :)

    Other than that, a wireless controler for Ps4 and why not they own GPU ?
    The Razer RTX 2070 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    On the extreme/exotic part why not Chroma t-shirt or apparel.

    Even a partnership with automakers :)
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  16. P3TTS

    P3TTS New Member

    looks like you got your wish
  17. Puffzilla

    Puffzilla New Member

    First off, I'm a G13 fan looking for an alternative gamepad. From what I've read the Logitech G13 use to have a larger section of the market. And since they've discontinued it. There's a rather large group of people wanting a gamepad with an analog stick replacement. From Xim forms to wow forms....

    I get purest of razer will defend the 8 direction switch. For all the various reason. But for those that really like console gaming movement but want the mouse precision for aiming you really can't beat the analog stick. Having a new model with an analog stick would give thoses that want it an alternative. Having it with mechanical keys has been a wish list of G13 fans forever. I can easily live without the stat screen. Fingers crossed. Please try and provide a model. Thanks.
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  18. YouAreVeryFired

    YouAreVeryFired New Member

    Razer should definitely make one of these.
  19. Theoooh

    Theoooh New Member

    A stable Razer Blade stealth, since I had to RMA mine twice. Oh yeah, also, monitors and desktop towers since Im thinking of building a custom PC!
  20. Primoedu

    Primoedu New Member

    I only use Raiju atm
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