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What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. CXTKRS1

    CXTKRS1 Member

    Razer RGB aroma oil diffuser.
  2. Asten__

    Asten__ Active Member

    Chroma Support in Heroes of the Storm ;) (i know, it's Blizzard's job..)
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  3. ElitezYT

    ElitezYT New Member

    Probably a gaming chair or a monitor
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  4. EvilTwinI

    EvilTwinI New Member

    Resurrection of the DeathStalker V2! (with chicklet mechanical keys.)

    I see coolmaster, tesoro, and a few other companies attempting this but I think Razer could do a better job. Bring back the DeathStalker V2 with a compact, low profile, chicklet mechanical keys.

    I feel this deign would be sleek, futuristic, and offer a competitive advantage. I would buy this instantly.
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  5. maheen420

    maheen420 New Member

    Project Anti-Venom
  6. xDanger65

    xDanger65 Member VANGUARD

    Project Linda :)
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  7. Chemicore

    Chemicore New Member

    Razer toaster :raised_hands:
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  8. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah !
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  9. Bennettknd99

    Bennettknd99 New Member

    Whatever it says the guys before (project linda)
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  10. CessROCKA

    CessROCKA Member



    That is all.
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  11. EvilTwinI

    EvilTwinI New Member

    Razer Obweaver or Tarturus with an actual anolog stick.

    I switched from console about a year ago and I still prefer an along stick for movement. Even a half controller would be great
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  12. Jbenskin01

    Jbenskin01 New Member

    I would like to see a Razer Tablet , better than the Ipad, Better thean the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Make a Tablet that is 5k screen with amazing battery with a vaper chamber and can play games on it in with full THX sound, do you accept the challenge? (Lets go~)
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
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  13. EvilTwinI

    EvilTwinI New Member

    I play PC and Console. I still prefer an analog stick for movement in FPS games. So I created this concept. Half controller in one hand and a mouse in the other. I have the front and back drawn. It might help for Carpal Tunnel as well. Razer Tartarus with an analog stick could be nice too. The Name is from a deadly spider in my area along with black widows, but black widow is already taken. Razer.jpg
  14. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    I recent think little bit about what device with be great and i get an idea. 5" panel with integrade support to communicate to synapse where you can cheack your settings or read status of device, record and edit macros on the fly when you are in game. Also can give some basic info from game like hp, mana, ammo etc. One device to rule them all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  15. RocketSkates93

    RocketSkates93 Well-Known Member

    I believe that there is a strong demand for a new version of the Razer Orbweaver or a new Razer Keypad. The Razer Tartarus V2 isn't going to cut it since it's a mecha-membrane keypad and does not have true mechanical switches. The Razer Orbweaver is essentially the keypad version of the flagship Razer Blackwidow while the Razer Tartarus is the keypad version of the cheaper Razer Ornata and I know that Razer is the type of company that would like to release the best products available. The current Razer Orbweaver is also too old and not supported by Synapse 3.0 which is why I refuse to buy one until a new version comes out. I would really love to get my hands on both the Razer Orbweaver V2 and a wireless Razer Naga Trinity Epic sometime soon.

    I'm also hoping that Razer would also release a Razer Blade 15 Gunmetal Grey Edition with Chroma lighting similar to the Mercury White Edition in time for the GeForce 20 series laptops. I really like the sleek and more professional tone-on-tone logo and black USB ports on the Mercury White but prefer the darker colors of Black and Gunmetal Grey on laptops since there are more matching peripherals.

    It would also be pretty cool to see more collaborations with Blizzard Entertainment with Warcraft III: Reforged, World of Warcraft, and Heroes of the Storm. It was pretty cool to see the official licensed products for StarCraft II back in the day and the current official licensed products for Overwatch appears to be really popular. It was also pretty cool that Diablo III was able to get the Razer Chroma treatment in-game. I would really like to see more Chroma support for other titles.

    @mltan #ForGamersByGamers #Orbweaver #Naga #TeamGunmetal #Blizzard
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  16. HarryNgan

    HarryNgan New Member

    i want see razer phone 3,because razer phone was too bad
  17. EarLChieL

    EarLChieL Active Member

    More cool Accessories that we can easily buy ! make more ! all stuff with razer logo just too Cool For me ! but dont sell it too expensive too :D
  18. xxXiexie

    xxXiexie New Member

    Yep, get the Orbweaver over on Synapse 3, make the numbers on them quit wearing off (07 and 08, I'm talking about you 2 guys) and fix whatever makes the glue break down on the rubber palm pad part cuz it just gets gross. Put the quality into the Orbweaver's that they put into the keyboards and keep gamepads in the lineup, please.

    And more light and light patterns on EVERYTHING!
  19. Tankerjim77

    Tankerjim77 New Member

    keep the giveaways coming.... im just trying to win some thing!!!!!! after my dissability goes through im buying 1 of the razor desktops
  20. krmszay

    krmszay New Member

    I would like to see Razer gamepads with modified layouts which would be more comfortable to use.
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