What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Axiboii

    Axiboii New Member

    I'm typing on a Lycosa right now :D
    I'm so happy i bought one before it went away. And i agree Bring it back!
    Maybe do something new with it,im not sure what though.
  2. Skyrimkillerh

    Skyrimkillerh New Member

    Well, now that Razer has it's own Razer Naga, which is like a phone bracelet, that is very safe and secure, I'd expect Razer to be onto creating it's own version of the Google Glass, considering... well, what hasn't Razer made so far? They've made top-of-the-line products from top-of-the-line technology, the only thing that they could do to advance further was to create their own technology advancements.
  3. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    It's been mentioned before, but I'll restate it here just so the demand isn't invisible:

    Razer Flight Stick!

    Space-sims seem to be gaining a LOT of popularity, with Star Citizen especially. I have a feeling when Star Citizen finally launches, it's going to be an explosively popular game.

    You (Razer) do promotions/partnerships with games all the time; buy a certain Razer peripheral, get a cape in game with the Razer Logo, or Razer themed weapons, etc.

    I can only speak for myself, but my excitement level for Star Citizen is higher than it ever has been for any game (and I've followed a lot of games pre-paunch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

    If Razer made a flight stick, I'd probably buy it. If Razer made a Star-Citizen Edition Flight Stick with some kind of in-game incentive, I'd DEFINITELY buy it!! I'm getting excited just thinking about it, lol.

    So what would this in-game incentive be? Well, I do recall an announcement from RSI (Robert Space Industries) that they would allow players design and submit ships - and if they met Star Citizen quality, could possibly be included in game. MAKE A RAZER SHIP!! Buy a Razer Flight Stick irl; get a Razer Ship in game.

    Just thinking about cruising the universe in a Razer spacecraft makes me... uh... brb, I need to go change my underwear...
  4. Reborn9093

    Reborn9093 New Member

    I honestly think a pair of gaming glasses that is really uniquely razer would be a great hit because it would greatly benefit gamers out there who spend hours long gaming till they get headaches and have to rely on medication to keep a straight mind. Like for the pair of glasses maybe using lenses which can block harmful UV rays which could help relief a ton of stress on one's eyes, but that isnt special enough so maybe a pair of glasses, that have green LED lights on the sides of the glasses and make a glowing razer logo since that's razer's most common tributes *.*? The ends of the glasses could also be made such that it provides a very soft cushioning and can work with the rest of the razer headsets perfectly so our ears wouldn't feel crushed after taking off the headset? I mean honestly it's a easy idea for me to say but I'm not that good with prices because for razer to earn back the earning from those glasses (if they cost a bunch) would mean comsumers wailing about the expensive price so I'm not too sure /: just an idea I thought about
  5. Remaker

    Remaker New Member

    How about a keyboard where all the keys are LCD keys. Fully programmable via the switchblade UI.
  6. superspartan941

    superspartan941 New Member

    How about making Razer very own 'Oculus Rift'?
  7. MAC4thgen

    MAC4thgen New Member

    The Orbweaver is amazing but I would like to see an updated version. I have put mine through its paces for the past year and now the palm rest glue isn't holding so well and it's sliding off during sessions, and the glue gets all over my hand.
  8. CanadianBurrito

    CanadianBurrito New Member

    Maybe a 1440p monitor to match the Razer new blade pro. A Nabu II with a bigger screen and more durable quality. And of course, Razer-branded toilet paper. Quality dumps. For gamers. By gamers. Oh, and to be serious again, maybe another closed beta for a peripheral or system.
  9. kiddykids22

    kiddykids22 New Member

    I'd love to have one of those VR headsets! Y'know the ones in Sims? Yeah, that! Except a lot more sleek, of course.
  10. MAC4thgen

    MAC4thgen New Member

    Also a Razer Gaming Monitor. able to play high end computer games as well as plug in consoles. maybe come with a retro adapter to be able to plug in your old old consoles like SNES and Genesis
  11. Filix98

    Filix98 New Member

    Maybe a Razer's Steam Box, it would be cool!
  12. MahouEcho

    MahouEcho New Member

    Not sure if someone already said it but I really want a arcade stick for the PS3 and PS4 that would be great.
  13. fritopower

    fritopower New Member

    I think a gaming steering wheel would be nice man. Been wanting to use a gaming steering wheel for my racing games.
  14. wbze_4124

    wbze_4124 New Member

    The Christine or at least information on how it's going?
  15. Thanos69_no_id

    Thanos69_no_id New Member

    I would really love to see you guys come out with a monitor, not to mention now days they can be curved, that would be so great and emergsin
  16. cheekymon

    cheekymon New Member

    A Naga Hex for FPS games. I use every single key on that dang thing for playing Counter Strike, and it's freaking awesome. Let's see, I have these bound...

    - weapon 1
    - weapon 2
    - voice
    - toggle other people's voices on and off with a CSGO script.
    - radar size changing (if I know where all my teammates are, I like the radar zoomed out, so I can see enemies popup, otherwise I'd like to know I'm running into a teammate, so I have radar zoomed in)
    - sensitivity switching (3 different sensitivities)
    - mouse wheel up and down bound to rapid fire dual Beretta.
    - one to switch key maps so that if I'm playing AWP, my weapon 2 key switches to knife instead.

    All of the above were developed over a couple of years, and have improved my game play significantly. I can focus my keyboard keys on movement related activities.

    I've heard that the larger mice made for FPS games are nicer to handle though. I just happened to get this Naga Hex for Christmas 2-3 years ago, so started using it, with no clue there were FPS specific gaming mice. Plus I've heard that optical is better for tracking in FPS games, and less susceptible to hair and what not getting in the way.

    So yeah, PRETTY PLEASE, make me a Naga Hex Death Adder. And if you do, send me one for free for the idea. :D
  17. carrushAshGrey942

    carrushAshGrey942 New Member

    A new Razer Blade with 970m and 1080p display or at least you can choose to get the 1080p or the higher resolution. A mini razer blade 10"-11". And finaly a slim sleek 8 inch tablet.
  18. Butla98

    Butla98 Member

    I'm guessing that Razer is going to launch an improvement of the Sabertooth, possibly with wireless capability :) And if I'm taking a step deeper, we might even hope to see a Razer monitor :D That would be really cool since it would be built with Razers philospphy of "For Gamers. By Gamers." So we can expect it to be perfection at its best :D
  19. skynetdaemon

    skynetdaemon New Member

    Testing 1 2 3
  20. Moonkin.Akuma

    Moonkin.Akuma New Member

    I'm not sure if someone had already mentioned it, but I would like to see some more integration between smart phones and keyboards. It's something that I've seen a few companies toy with, but I feel that Razer could probably execute the idea pretty well. I'm not sure if its possible but you could possibly have the app somehow forward all notifications to your computer monitor, rather than the notifications disrupting game play.

    Also, backlighting for keyboards would be kind of sick. Possibly even a chroma mousepad? Might be unrealistic considering the power source needed for a lit mousepad could interfere with the cord for the mouse.

    Software that could synchronize with the sound and play pretty lights. I'm a sucker for the colorful lights.
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