What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Teramungus

    Teramungus New Member

    Orbweaver V2 or Pro model.

    Need an updated Orbweaver that has Purple Optical switches and works with Synapse 3. The 8-way directional thumb-pad is too sensitive or movements are too small. Like the adjust-ability not found in the Tartarus Pro.

    Hurry! My Orbweaver is falling apart.
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  2. BaudModem

    BaudModem New Member

    The Tomahawk Elite, please Razer. Do not abandon it. Epic dream case and an awesome showcase of craftsmanship, seriously.
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  3. TheRazza

    TheRazza New Member

    A wireless Naga Trinity please, Razer. kkthx
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  4. cravenguy

    cravenguy Member

    how about a keyboard that bridges the gap between gamers and office workers?

    the blackwidow lite attempted this but it was too loud for office working. also no num pad or wrist rest. 90$ price tag.
    overall you could find better keyboards to suit either extreme better for cheaper.

    all ya gotta do is make it quieter, add a num pad and an ergonomic wrist rest for an affordable price (70-80 bucks) and there you go. i like a more compact design to add to a cleaner aesthetic but even i know how valueable functionality can be to office workers. Come on razer!!1!1!
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  5. Nowonmai

    Nowonmai New Member

    I had been using a DeathAdder Left Handed for years. It started to malfunction. I found out that Razer no longer makes them, and my only choice, really, was the Viper. All I can say good about it, is that it works. The DeathAdder felt sturdy, but the Viper feels very light and flimsy, as if it's made out of eggshells. The back end of it could also be a bit wider (I tried it in both my left and right hand and it feels too narrow). It would be great if you start making left handed device, or beef up the Viper so it doesn't feel as if a strong sneeze could break it.
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  6. Jbenskin01

    Jbenskin01 New Member

    I honestly would like to to See a Razer Tablet to take on the full iPad / Samsung with a battery that last 30 hrs. For travel/ Gaming and OlED 4k for Movies etc. Watch the sales soar. What does the rest of the world think?
  7. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    How about some sales / discounts on Christmas?
  8. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    There is always promo on Christmas :)
  9. p1l0t3

    p1l0t3 Member

    Slight update for my wish list :

    I am still eager to see a RP3 when ROG Phone is still updated.
    Looking at samsung, apple and co, RP2 is still on top imho.

    I would certainly love to see a tablet, but if I have to put a number 2, it would be a 48'' OLED panel/screen. Chroma ready, no speakers in the body, full hdmi 2.1 and nvidia/amd compatibility for 1500 US price tag. max in refresh times and input lag.
    Woudl go against LG OLED48CX and would certainly rock our world for next gen consoles.

    I would love to see a nabu update, a wristband WITHOUT screen (because RP2, or RP3 or everybody having a phone), so it can be thinner than the competition.
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  10. kennethyha

    kennethyha Well-Known Member

    Razer Quartz Cloth Mask and remove the restriction (1 for each wallet) to redeem mask. Thanks!
  11. IbisXXIV

    IbisXXIV New Member

    Wrist rest for your 60% keyboard. Desktop that can sit on my desk with great chroma.
  12. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    I've already said this but I need some Razer RGB fans in 120mm.
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  13. NoxAlbus0716

    NoxAlbus0716 New Member

    The new Blacksharks, but wireless
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  14. Magmal7

    Magmal7 New Member

    please fix issues of thx spatial sorround sound please
  15. Reqru1t

    Reqru1t New Member

    id love to see cerramic feet similer to how you droped the mouse grips as well as a entarly community driven mouse taking all the suggestions and having polls to filter in and out the suggestions
  16. Chisato

    Chisato New Member

    Please release THX Spatial Audio in my Country Philippines! I want to buy it on Razer store please!
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  17. Chisato

    Chisato New Member

    I only installed 15 days Trial of THX Spatial Audio, hope it gets released on Razer Store Philippines!
  18. VerdantGuardian

    VerdantGuardian New Member

    I feel like there should be more Razer headphone colors out there! Remember Razer Mobile headsets and how they included a wider array of colors like yellow, red, light blue, orange, etc? I was thinking there could be more variant colors for the Kraken X's since there only seems to be 3 variations to choose from (Mercury, Black). I personally love the original and distinct lime green Razer Kraken look, but I have done some experimentation and find that there could be a really cool addition of a Lilac Kraken. Here is some concept art for it:


    Please take this into consideration, thank you. :)

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  19. SupahJJ

    SupahJJ New Member

    I would love to buy the Razer Pro Click but I have small hands. Would love a mini version of it. I've tried lots of ergonomic mice but they all tend to focus on a vertical mice or are just too large to comfortably handle. Currently enjoying the Viper Mini and created this account just to share this wish. I know my co-workers would be happy to buy too!
  20. MrFungi

    MrFungi New Member

    would really love another keypad similar to the orbweaver. really love the wrist/palm customization and the non scroll wheel. had my orbweaver for 5 years and the black coating on the keys has started to wear off. tried the tartarus v2 but had to return it because it is just way too small for my hands. i could even learn to deal with the scroll wheel if the tartarus had the size adjustment that the orbweaver had. i mostly play mmo's and my orbweaver is the only thing i use for those kind of games. hope for something similar to it in the future. definitely need to replace but only want to replace it with another razer product
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