What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Ceediculous

    Ceediculous New Member

    I would love more region layout options for the special edition keyboards! I really want the Quartz edition Huntsman but I'm really not excited about the prospect of learning the US layout... I've used the Nordic layout my whole life and I need the öä keys on a daily basis, which would be a headache to figure out with the US layout. I know I can't be the only one, so please let me get my hands on that keyboard without stressing over the layout.... ;-;
  2. bmoreawesom3

    bmoreawesom3 Member

    We need available addressable LED lights, Quality case fans with chroma enabled rgb, more partnerships with middle tiered companies for integration with synapse, Further push your current relationships with those companies that are integrated with synapse for complete integration, more communication with the razer devs and designers with the community, more threads like this one, more chroma enabled cases.
  3. Make new mouse, like the shape of viper mini, with your latest sensor: focus+ 20K. The deathadder V2 is too big.
  4. Neostar

    Neostar Member

    A tkl keyboard with proper iso uk layout
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  5. Zakspeeeed

    Zakspeeeed New Member

    New keypad with on board memory for tournament use. Or just a new keypad in general. Downloading Synapse onto new computers is kind of a hassle still, but not as much with Synapse 2 so that's good.

    I don't know about other Tartarus users but I personally don't even use that fourth row of keys. A budget option with only three rows would be awesome, like the original Nostromo models and the OG Tartarus model.
  6. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    Nari Pro ( ultimate) version with more solid construction and dolby atmos sound :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Huntsman Pro(Elite) with abs keycaps and cut-off for multimedia kets icons also less actuation point :)
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  7. smartDirtportal443

    smartDirtportal443 New Member

    More left handed product. I was a big fan of the RAZER DEATHADDER LEFT-HAND EDITION, but i can't buy it anymore...
  8. ekkmlk

    ekkmlk New Member

    New headphones!
  9. UserUnidentified

    UserUnidentified New Member

    I think your Huntsman mini was a great idea, one step further would be to make it wireless like your new blackwidow v3 pro. Maybe a Hunstman mini pro or follow the black widow product line and a 60% blackwidow v3 pro. The wireless will be great for minimal and razer type setups people have been looking for. I would love to see this, if anyone else agrees please leave a comment!
  10. please please please bring Synapse 3 to mac.


    pretty pretty please.
  11. IncognitoGuido

    IncognitoGuido New Member

    There should be a cat button/switch that turns off all keyboard input. My cat literally laid down on my keyboard as I typed this. I suggest putting in on the side of the keyboard so they can't turn it back on.:big_grin_:
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  12. SirJayDee

    SirJayDee Active Member

    How about letting the Razer Ripsaw evolve to a streaming-box instead of just a capture-box?
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  13. pettyjn

    pettyjn New Member

    Synapse 3 for MAC OS. This shouldn't even be something that needs to be asked for. SMH.
  14. Chrissy_C

    Chrissy_C New Member

    Razer Toaster XD
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  15. _sleepy

    _sleepy New Member

    Fix so Mac users can use your products. All products from Razer stop working properly after the macOS update 10,15. Fix so synapse 2 or 3 works with latest macosx. Right now I cant use my products or event cant buy new headset as I planned this week. Because Razer dont work on apple anymore
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  16. mo23021980

    mo23021980 New Member

    well I was going to ask, a Razer Cooking line. that could go from the ceramic hob to the oven, but I was in between one of imagining Min-Liang Tan's head. after my request.
    So I would love a Razer tablet.
  17. Pr1m3MOD

    Pr1m3MOD New Member

    I think Razer should make some Pudding Style Keycaps for their keyboards.
    Razer Chroma isn't an addition anymore, it's a feature now. Being able to get some pudding keycaps for the keyboards would really enchance the Chroma. Since Razer uses some propietary keys it's really hard to find any compatible set of keycaps so I think customers would really appreciate that product. HyperX keycaps example: https://www.hyperxgaming.com/spain/es/keyboards/keyboard-accessories/hyperx-pudding-keycaps

    Also, making them for NA, EU, Asia... would be really important so we can all have our own set of keycaps for each different layout. (don't forget about Spain and the 'Ñ' please).
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  18. IShaveWithMine

    IShaveWithMine New Member

    Synapse 3 for Mac! :) Please! :)
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  19. BURF123

    BURF123 New Member

    Really need Synapse support for Mac OS. Gutted I can't currently use my Razer products.
  20. Theinvoker78

    Theinvoker78 New Member

    ISO layouts on keyboards
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